Tattoo – Reasons Why Many People Want It

The world is a washed with news of worldwide recession. The instinct of people is to size up their earnings potential, review the expenses they would need to reconsider as valid and focus on just the essentials to make it through the recession. It is no wonder then that purchases of goods and services that are considered luxury items are the first to go. Since a tattoo is not really needed for people to survive, it can be considered a luxury. You would therefore expect that tattoo business will be hit hard. Actually, it is not. Recent reports show that tattoo studios are on an increasing trend, not decreasing as expected.

The question that will come to mind in the light of recent reports that shows tattoo business as actually increasing, is why? According to Kit Harrow, a business psychologist, people are choosing to spend their money on things that gives them more value for their money , which will last for a long period of time. In that sense, paying for tattoo services is actually a good purchase decision for them. Tattoo, in a way is permanent in nature. When you get a tattoo, you are trying to express yourself and so it becomes an integral part of your being and your development as a person. Cutting on something that helps you express who and what you are, the things you live for and believe is not being in touch with one’s self.

Having a tattoo is also a statement of rebellion. In the normal course of things, people who do have tattoos try to conform to society by taking on jobs that requires people to be formal. And so during work time, especially those involved in 9-5 jobs, they appear in their normal corporate attire. Once they are out of the office, and back to their normal clothes their tattoo comes out. Now, they finally have a chance to let out their true selves. So in that moment, cutting out on something that allows you to be you, not conforming to the dictates of society is a bit of fresh air.

Whatever the reason why tattoo business is on the rise despite the recession, let us just be glad that there is growth in this industry while there is none in so many others.