Teen Weight Loss Tips to Make Fat Reduction Effortless

A large portion of the teenage population needs teen weight loss tips to slim down. With teenage obesity at an all time high tips on how to lose weight couldn’t come at a better time.

The good news is that it is relatively easy for teens to lose weight.

It’s Not Your Fault

Obesity studies show there are reasons beyond overeating that cause teenage obesity.

There is a lot of guilt amongst obese teens. Overweight boys and overweight girls do overeat. Binge eating occurs when they cannot stop eating even after they are full. And they eat the wrong foods.

But you have to ask WHY these phenomena are occurring. It is not because you are weak. Teenage obesity is not your fault. Outside forces are causing overweight boys and overweight girls to overeat.

Studying the latest information available from obesity studies gives a few answers. The obesity problem affects all age groups- not just teenagers.

Teens are not alone in this battle.

Is Overeating The Only Reason For Teenage Obesity?

No, overeating is not the only reason for teenage obesity. One of the major factors involved in causing obese teens is our polluted environment.

Can you now understand why it is not the fault of overweight teens that they have a problem with obesity?

One of the effects of pollution on fat retention revolves around pollutants mimicking the effects of estrogen. One of the effects of estrogen is that it creates fat.

Why Do Overweight Girls Have More Problems Than Overweight Boys?

Overweight girls naturally have more estrogen than overweight boys. That makes sense. Since estrogen creates fat it is also one of the reasons why overweight boys often have an easier time losing weight.

It’s not fair but it’s reality.

To combat these situations you can follow these teen weight loss tips:

1) Do not eat fast foods because they are usually high in calories.

2) Eat more raw vegetables and enhance your diet with quality supplements because they will help combat the effects of fat-creating pollution.

3) Walk every day to keep your body functioning as it was designed to.

These simple tips will go a long way toward keeping teens slim.