Telltale Signs That He is Going to Dump You and How You Can Stop It!

Let’s face it; guys would do almost anything to get you to do dumping. Whenever the relationship sours, guys will avoid being the bad guy and get you to break-up with them just to salvage your reputation. If that didn’t work, he’ll do the deed himself and end up embarrassing you instead. Whether your goal is to save the relationship or to save face, it’s best to be aware of the signs that he is going to dump you!

Be on your guard when he starts avoiding you. It’s the first on the list of signs that he is going to dump you. Providing excuses for non-communication, each getting feeble than the last should raise your warning signs. If he can’t avoid you, he’ll try his best to drive you away, be it through unfounded criticisms, or through petty fights. He’s hoping that he’ll get you riled up enough to dump him like a hot potato.

If he starts preferring to hang out with his friends and he’s totally unreachable most of the time, be wary as this is also a sign that he is going to dump you. Even without you noticing it, he’s making sure that you’re used to his absence, in his hope that you’ll see the situation as something as natural as you guys drifting apart. Shutting you out from his life is an effective means to achieve this goal. He gets his freedom and you can keep on thinking that the relationship had reached its natural death and not something preempted.

There are many other signs that he is going to dump you, but the real question you should ask yourself is: if this is something you want to happen? He might feel bored at the moment, thinking that seeking the single life will solve it. So how about turning the tables on him and doing as he does, and who knows, he might be the one making the moves to get you back!