Ten Things You Can Do In Cameroon

The location of Cameroon is in West Africa. This is surrounded by Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Congo Republic. Listed below are ten things you can do when you visit Cameron.

1.) Visit Dja Faunal Reserve

This is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dja Faunal Reserve is a rainforest that is protected. What makes it a must-see is its diverse floras and faunas.

2.) Visit Cameroon’s Beaches

There are a lot of wonderful beaches in Cameroon, among them are Limbe and Kribi. Limbe is a town known for its wonderful beaches where you can relax and swim in, and this is also the location of the black sand beaches. There are also shops here that sell traditional items as well as bars along the beaches.

3.) Visit Bamenda

There are a lot that you can see here. You can take the Ring Road tour, which is a tour through the hilly terrain of Bamenda, or you can visit Mount Oku as well as the Menchum River Waterfalls. You can also drop by the Kimbi River Game Reserve here as well as the Makon Fon’s Palace and Bali Fon’s Palace.

4.) Visit Douala

For nature lovers and sun worshippers, head on to Douala. Here you will definitely enjoy the sights Mount Cameroon offers to its visitors as well as walking through its footpath. You will also find the Cameroon Artisan Market here where you can buy your souvenirs and trinkets that the locals made, or you can head on to the Museum of Douala where you can see superb authentic African arts.

5.) Visit Yaounde

In Yaounde, you can visit the Cameroon Art Museum which also houses African artifacts. You should not forget to visit the Cameroon National Museum as well. The Afhemi Museum is located here, too, and in these museums, you will learn a thing or two about the Cameroon way of life.

6.) Visit Benaoue National Park

This is a national park that is flanked by both Ngaoundere and Garoua. Benaoue is Cameroon’s second largest game reserve where you can see lions and buffalos in their natural habitats. You will also see here giraffes as well as elephants, and do not forget the rhinoceros, too.

7.) Visit Bouba Ndjida National Park

This park is near the Benaoue National Park, so they almost have the same wildlife. But still, you will also enjoy what Bouba Ndjida National Park has to offer its visitors. Rhinoceros and derby elks are more abundant in Bouba Ndjida National Park.

8.) Visit Waza National Park

Like any other national parks, Waza National Park also offers its visitor a view of nature and wildlife at its best. Here, you will see numerous kinds of both predator (lions) and prey (antelope and native elephants) in this national park, and they are usually found near waterholes. This is a good place where you can take wonderful pictures of these magnificent animals.

9.) Visit local handicraft stores

There are a lot of handicraft stores in the Douala and Bonapriso quarter. This is a great place for you to buy your trinkets and souvenirs to take home to your family. There are a lot of locally made bracelets and other trinkets here, and you can also negotiate with the prices to get a good bargain.

10.) Visit Cameroon’s restaurants

Of course, no vacation is complete unless you have tasted their local cuisine. So, while you are in Cameroon, do not forget to visit the Bonapriso and the Bonanjo Quarters where you can wine and dine yourself. There are also bars and restaurants here that offer international cuisine.
Sabung Ayam