Terry Gou Taiwan Retailers Busy Probe To Clear The Way “land”

Following the China Taiwan’s richest man Terry Gou has announced the establishment of 10 000 3C chain stores in China, yesterday (September 17), Taiwan’s first shoe brand?? ASO A thin leather shoes, head of the Luo Rongyue announced that next year will be China opened the first store, in accordance with the initial ideas Luorong Yue, A thin leather shoes on the mainlandSellNetwork of at least 2000.Taiwan Chain and Franchise Promotion Association Chairman WANG Guo yesterday (September 17) In an interview with the “Daily Economic News”, said that with last year’s Taiwan policy, liberalization, Taiwan’s large-scale retail found a greater market space, while some traditional foundry giants have also transition to the channel, a Taiwan retail market in China and unification movement is gaining momentum.Gou attempt to challengeStates United States, SuningAs a leader in foundry, Terry Gou’s Hon Hai Group to rely on e OEM to become the world’s largest foundry. While many people think that Hon Hai will continue to be secret agents in the manufacture of deep plowing, the Gou was a surprise that the retail channel to enter the terminal.Heard that a few days ago, Hon Hai announced an ambitious “full steam ahead” program: the next 2 to 3 years, in the CyberDigitalChannel resources such as support, the billions of investment in mainland China, creating over 10,000 stores. This means that Gou channels directly on the strong words from the terminal Gome, Suning,Best BuyAnd other home appliances retailer. 10 000 shops, almost all household appliances retail giant is now the number of total stores.This, Hon Hai is not an official statement side. But rather evocative that in March this year, the international retail giant?? Metro website at their headquarters issued a joint venture will have to shop with Hon Hai information: METRO Group Mediamarket will Gou set up a joint venture owned by Foxconn 3C appliance chain. According to Metro’s vision in 2010 before the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, a joint venture in Shanghai to open the first store, the next planned across the country, out of hundreds. In addition, Hon Hai at the end of senior executives within the Group meeting, Terry Gou has stressed that 2009 will be full for the mainlandITChannel market.Gouon the establishment of an understanding regarding the terminal channels of WANG Guo said Gou may set up its own chain of retail brands, and Gome and Suning, have already developed the channel retailers, Gou fully equipped with low-cost advantages, product design will also be unique. Form retail shop for Kuo, WANG Guo believes that Hon Hai will avoid and the National United States, Suning hypermarket competition, choose medium to small community stores.A thin leather to spend 100 million yuan Pathfinder”In my plan, the pre-out 200 will store, Shanghai is the first choice.” Luorong Yue said that the size of the investment, he initially finalized to open the mainland market with 120 million yuan.Statistics show that in Taiwan every two to have a pair of shoes A thin, more than 2000 million population of Taiwan, A thin leather shoes sold a 600 million yuan last year; A thin leather business in Australia business is the richest man in the southern hemisphere. “In 2078, I came to the mainland, I think time has come to the moment I have to invest in the mainland had.” Luorong Yue believes that the Taiwan retail market is already close to saturation, to address development issues is imperative to expand the China market.According to informed sources, A thin leather research in China has more than one year, A thin up shop in mainland China will be the first footwear brand on the mainland of Taiwan’s direct investment in retail channels, “previously only invest in manufacturing operations. “It is understood that shoe business in mainland investment in Taiwan has 10 years of history, to have Daphne brand Prime Group, for example, Prime Group initially engaged in manufacturing operations in China, then it created its own brand as the channels.OEM Crisis TransformationTaiwan’s foundry industry is facing a crisis in transition, is not a new topic.

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