Thai Legal Solutions Advise on the Altering Face of Communication Law

The recent Thai law with regards to data security, requiring the storage of all web records for a period of 30 days, was developed to avert some of the far more emotive crimes that the internet has given rise to. Pornography, child abuse and other illegal and hate-connected websites have all experienced a setback with Thailand’s introduction of unprecedented internet monitoring.

Nevertheless, technologies modifications quicker than the law does. We appear at the new technologies which will quickly be assessed and tested by the courts, and how Thailand corporate legal services believe businesses must strategy for the changes.

Solutions like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace have revolutionized communications. They 1st achieve recognition among buddies for individual use, but their potential as a organization tool is swiftly noted and created. The challenging aspect of organization use of these technologies is that appropriate policies and laws should be developed to deal with them.

Publishing of corporate details, company advertising, running of competitions and even consumer response and service can all be carried out by way of these channels. They are becoming ever far more required for company nevertheless, Thai legal services see an boost in legal complexity along with this necessity.

Some of the social networking sites which have the potential to be helpful to your company (and for that reason the possible to be problematic for your business, also), incorporate:

Facebook, where users can communicate privately or publicly with their contacts, upload photographs and share video and audio. Thai law has not noticed these developments, but in Canada there is precedent for requisitioning details from a Facebook profile for examination by a court.

MySpace has grow to be far more business oriented than Facebook, as it has evolved. Thailand lawyers have noted an rising presence of organizations and groups on MySpace, as opposed to people. The exact same capabilities that Facebook has are shared by Myspace though it hasn’t featured in Thai law courts yet Myspace messages have been treated as a hybrid in between blogging and e mail by US courts.

Twitter is a cost-free micro-blogging platform, which makes it possible for customers to share details not exceeding 140 characters in a single message. It is one of the quickest-growing Internet two. web sites of the previous year.

LinkedIn is a popular expert website, exactly where users can upload their resume, perform expertise and send messages. It functions on the very same principles as organization networking.

Thailand legal services see this as 1 of the locations of Thai law set for main alterations more than the next handful of years. They are recommending that organizations prepare for legal eventualities now, rather than waiting for a predicament to force their hand. The first step in preparation is understanding how your business uses Web 2. (User generated) sites and technologies.

Is it employed for buyer contact, for advertising and promotion, for holding competitions, or for publishing details? Analyze which employees need to have to have access to these web sites for enterprise purposes, and think about blocking access to them for staff who don’t require it.

Law firms in Thailand also want their clientele to comprehend that what is place on the internet is not invisible, and is subject to the exact same Thai laws and regulations that any other published material, advertising, or competitions are. Organizations might wish to appear into information capture of published material, in order to correctly monitor and respond to misuse of the technologies.
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