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Presently, according to the notification the Temple has made to the city government, Wat Thai of Los Angeles typically holds twelve festivals and celebrations every year, viz.,

1) New Year Festival on the first day of January
two) Magha Puja Day on the complete moon day of the third lunar month (generally in the middle of February) in commemoration of the Excellent Assembly of Disciples
3) Wan Waikhru or Teacher-Respecting Day on any Thursday in March
four) Songkran or Water Festival on April 13
5) Visakha Puja Day on the full moon day of the sixth lunar month (usually in the middle or towards the end of May) in commemoration of the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Passing away of the Buddha
6) Lawthien or Candle-Casting Ceremony on any day of June some weeks prior to the beginning of the Vassa residence
7) Asalฺha Puja Day on the full moon day of the eighth lunar month (typically in the middle or towards the end of July) in Commemoration of the Buddha’s First Sermon
eight) H.M. the Queen’s Birthday on August 12
9) Sarada Ceremony on the new moon day of the tenth lunar month (generally in September) to transfer merit to the departed
ten) Ok Pansa or the finish of Vassa residence (period of retreat during the rains or the Buddhist Lent) on the complete moon day of the eleventh month (normally in the middle or towards the end of October)
11) Tot Kathin or the Post-Lenten Robe-Supplying Ceremony on any day in the course of one particular month following Ok Pansa to present robes to the monks who have completed the Vassa residence
12) H.M. the King’s Birthday on December five.

Not counting the Thai individuals and the Americans of the Thai origin who are naturally of the greatest number, refugees from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, specifically the Laotians, are the most several
of all the participants in the religious activities of Wat Thai.

To propagate the teachings of the Buddha, Buddhist beliefs and practices, and Thai culture and to publicize its activities, the Temple publishes “Duang Pratip”, a monthly magazine which is bilingual, even though its articles in English are fewer than these in Thai. To comprehend Buddhist educational objectives, it runs Buddhist Sunday School classes for kids who find out Thai language, Thai culture and Buddhist morality and delivers standard meditation training to Thais, Americans and people of other nationalities who are interested. A vocational college for adults has also been opened to teach sewing, Thai cooking and the art of preparing decorative meals by fruit and vegetable carving. It is notable that, as a service to the nearby neighborhood, the temple grounds are created use of, in the identical way as in Thailand, as the location exactly where polling booths are set up for political elections.

It is a excellent pleasure to the Thais that Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand has many instances graced the Thai community of Southern California with her royal visits to Wat Thai of Los Angeles. With Her Majesty’s four donations to the Temple, amounting to $ 5,000, a fund has been established to help Wat Thai of Los Angeles in the realization of its advantageous objectives.

In the most recent improvement, Wat Thai of Los Angeles in cooperation with the Faculty of Education of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok has created the Analysis Project for Building Curriculum and Teaching in “Thai Language and Culture”. Under this project, a quantity of professors and lecturers from the Faculty of Education of Chulalongkorn University will come to remain for some months in Los Angeles to conduct the summer time educational activities at Wat Thai, teaching Thai language and culture to a class of 30-40 young Thai students who reside in the United States. The teaching, which is planned to be experimental in this first year of the Project, will last from July by way of September 2527/1984.
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