Thai Wedding Traditions

Thai weddings are surrounded by traditions and customs that have been lengthy practiced and are nonetheless widespread right now. In Thailand brides and grooms generally pick to contain some or all of these rituals as portion of their big day to retain their particular meaning and bring luck to their union.

Honoring The Ancestors

On the evening prior to the wedding Thai brides and grooms carry out a straightforward ceremony to show honor to their ancestors. This is element of the Buddhist tradition and is a mark of respect.

Producing Merit

A massive element of the Buddhist religion is to make merit, and this is particularly essential at life events such as marriage. For that reason, numerous Thai brides and grooms invite monks to be element of their ceremony as this is one particular way of creating merit. Another tradition is to give freedom to an animal or bird and therefore releasing birds from cages or putting a fish or turtle back into water is typically included as part of the day.

The Procession

Though the khan maak procession is traditionally part of the engagement celebration, it is typically held on the very same day as the wedding itself. This procession is portion of taking the particular products for the engagement to the bride’s family on trays. The procession begins around the corner from the bride’s home, or the place where she is staying, and musicians playing drums will accompany the groom and his family members to the house.

Opening The Gates

The groom need to show his worthiness of his bride by opening the classic “gates”. The initial of these is typically a gold or silver ribbon held by two females from the bride’s loved ones. He have to give them an envelope of income to open the gate. In the course of this procedure, he will be teased by the bride’s household.


The groom’s family give the bride’s family members gifts of banana and sugar plants as properly as meals for their deceased ancestors. The bride and her loved ones will normally also be presented with gold necklaces

Sai Monkhon

An older member of the bride’s family will link the bride and groom’s heads with each other with a special white thread and pour sacred water more than their hands below which bowls of flowers will have been placed to catch the water. The guests then also repeat this pouring of water more than the bride and groom’s hands.


Black is in no way worn to a Thai wedding as it is deemed to be negative luck.

String Bracelets

Buddies and family members members will tie pieces of white string around the wrists of the couple as a sign of good luck. These are then worn for 3 days before being removed.

Wedding Dresses

Even though there is no one particular style adopted by Thai brides on their wedding day, they have a tendency to wear their traditional costume in a vibrant colour and produced from silk. It is often encrusted with valuable stones and gold jewelry. White, nevertheless, is becoming a much more common colour for Thai weddings due to western influences.

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