The 100 Year Old Organization, Previously Focused on Agribusiness, Expects to Launch Projects with Prospective Sales

Miami, FL, February 18, 2015 – The 100-year-old JB Duarte, has selected a new path for its company. The business has decided to concentrate on the genuine-estate marketplace in the countryside of Sao Paulo, and it expects to launch projects with possible sales of R$ 100 million over the next four years. US investment fund Golden Eagle, which functions with building and actual-estate improvement, is considering investing in the Brazilian companyÂ’s projects.

JB Duarte, maker of vegetable oil, now bets on real estate.

The 100-year-old JB Duarte, which took root in the agriculture sector by betting on the production of vegetable oils and, far more lately, the supply of wood, has selected a new path for its company. The firm has decided to focus on the actual-estate market in the countryside of Sao Paulo, and it expects to launch projects with prospective sales of R$ one hundred million over the next four years.

The organization was founded in 1914 and became well-known with the creation of ”Maria oil”, in the course of World War II. At the time, considering that it was tough for ships to arrive from Europe with olive oil, due to the German blockade on the Brazilian coast, JB Duarte had the notion to launch a mixed product, which had 30% olive oil and the remaining 70% peanut oil. “It was so effective that even nowadays the brand [now owned by Cargill] is the leader in the compound-oil segment,” says Laodse de Abreu Duarte, superintendent of JB and grandson of the organization founder, Jose Baptista Duarte. The organization then started processing other oilseeds, such as soybeans, corn and sunflower. It went public in 1985 but, 11 years later, struggling amid increasing competitors with foreign groups, JB Duarte decided to lease its industrial unit and sell its brands to Cargill and Vida Alimentos.

In 2009, JB Duarte established New Realty, its true-estate arm, and shortly right after decided to invest in an existing plantation of eucalyptus, on an location of 5 million square meters in Pirapora do Bom Jesus, 55km from the city of Sao Paulo. But the project was quick-lived, due to weak demand and low prices of wood. “Reforestation in Sao Paulo is no longer what it utilized to be. Pulp industries and conglomerates are going additional into the countryside of the state in search of regions with bigger supply of raw material,” Mr. Duarte says. In addition, the executive says, places such as Pirapora, near the state capital, have grow to be as well pricey for wood production. “Inside four years we expect to finish the eucalyptus harvesting in the area,” he estimates.

The new plans for the internet site involve the creation of two landfills. Two months ago, JB Duarte requested the very first license to operate a construction and inert waste landfill (such as cement, concrete and bricks), and the company expects to obtain an installation permit within 120 days. The project is anticipated to have at least 20,000 square meters, with an estimated revenue of R$ six million to R$ 7 million.

Due to quite a few environmental specifications, JB Duarte intends to join other companies already functioning in the segment and get the knowledge needed to perform the work. “WeÂ’ve have already contacted multinationals in the market and are awaiting the responses,” Mr. Duarte says. Almost 20% of the land (1 million square meters) is expected to be allocated for this landfill. “But we still will take 3 years to make the project viable,” he says. One more 30% of the area (1.5 million m2) may be utilized for industrial and logistics warehouses. “The effortless access is a huge draw, due to the fact of the proximity to two significant highways in Sao Paulo: Anhanguera and Castelo Branco.”

JB Duarte is investing in two other municipalities: Cabreuva and Sao Jose dos Campos. In the case of Cabreuva, the organization plans an urban allotment, in an location of 300,000 square meters in the cityÂ’s downtown. JB Duarte expects to sell 550 to 600 lots, which can lead to possible revenue of R$ 60 million. The firm is finishing up the particulars for the completion of the final project to get its very first permit from the regional government, and it plans to begin selling the units in late 2014.

The area owned by JB Duarte in Sao Jose dos Campos is situated in the district of Sao Francisco Xavier, exactly where the company intends to establish farming plots, due to the regionÂ’s organic attractions such as waterfalls. “We are studying the viability of 5,000 m2 plots and count on to implement them inside four years,” Mr. Duarte says, adding that the potential revenue for the project is estimated at R$ 40 million.

Meanwhile, on the exact same land, the company is also establishing a bamboo pilot project in a tiny region of 50 hectares Â- of a total of 350 hectares. “The planting was completed three years ago, and in seven years will be prepared for the proper cut-off point,” says Edison Cordaro, JB Duarte investor relations director. The program is to stay with the planting of bamboo, initially with the goal of exploring the decoration industry and, in the future, the construction business, since the material is also used on floors and battens.

JB Duarte also has an location in Serra da Mantiqueira, an old project of olive trees, which could be the company’s next shot. The initiative, however, depends on a strategic companion who can make a more consistent capital injection – which might take place soon. In late March, JB Duarte released a statement saying that the US investment fund Golden Eagle, which works with building and genuine-estate development, is contemplating investing in the Brazilian companyÂ’s projects. “But there is also a likelihood, later on, that they join the capital of JB Duarte,” Mr. Cordaro says. Negotiations are in progress.

JB Duarte had revenues of R$ 7.five million in 2013, mainly due to leases and financial investments.

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