The 3 Most Important Parts of Your eBay Listing

We all know that the competition for sales on eBay is very high, so whenever you make a listing, you should always think like a buyer.

You can only make sales from your sales page and you need to get your potential customers to open it. How do you increase your chances?

The 1st most important thing is the title. You have 55 characters, including gaps between words, to say what the item is. In the title you should use as many keywords as possible as most initial searches are based on them. As an example I have found these two listings on eBay just now,

250+slow cooker recipes

250 Delicious Low Fat Slow Cooker Recipes Cook Book CD

It is the very same product in both listings but I will be highly surprised if the top one sells, or even gets looked at. As it only has 2 keywords, slow cooker and recipes, the chances of it being found are much less than the one on the bottom. The bottom one is much more likely to be successful as it has many more keywords. Just think of the search results for that title. Low Fat, Slow Cooker, Cooker, Recipes, Cook, Book and CD are all good keywords that’ll get the item found in so many different searches.

I often see titles with LOOK in them, who types LOOK into a search box?

The 2nd most important thing is a good picture of the item. Try and place your item on a light coloured sheet or towel, so that when you take your photo the item stands out. If you photo shows a flash reflection or is blurred take another one without the flash. Maybe use some photo editing software to brighten the photo and crop the picture to the size of the item. You should always select to use a gallery picture as well. It is a fact that items using a Gallery picture sell at least 75% more than those without one. If the item has any flaws it is important that you show them in your photos, and take as many photos as is needed to show all the flaws.

The 3rd most important thing is the P&P costs. If it costs £1.95 to post an item then charge £1.95. If you are not sure what it will cost to post the item then have a look at the Royal Mail website or take the item to the post office and ask them the prices for UK, Europe and world wide postage. Excessive P&P charges will not get you the results you desire and will make buyers move away from your listing.

This is my typical search when I am looking to buy an item on eBay. I type a couple of relevant keywords into the search box. Many items are then displayed, so I look at the pictures and when one catches my eye, I look across at the cost of postage. If the postage is too dear I move on until another picture catches my eye and I check the postage for that item.

When I find a listing with a reasonable postage price I will open the sales page. It is only then that the seller can make a sale.