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Home Network News HC : This 51 is very “hot”, because Haier air conditioning blockbusters concession and fanaticism. Recently, the reporter visited

States United States , Suning , Medium and large home appliance chain, etc., the surprise, in all the promotional activities of hypermarkets clouds, Haier air conditioning “unprecedented Fengqiang five days?? Prices before the last huge benefit,” let the buyer the most rapid heartbeat. It is understood, air-conditioning giant discount prices the last time before landing the country: from May 1 to 5, won a quarter over three times the industry growth rate of Haier air conditioning, Haier consumers for long-term support of a return to history’s largest range of benefits. This year 51, do not look at Haier, do not buy air conditioning!

A look: Special efforts, unprecedented “Big surprise price”, “rich
Gift Cordial with gifts, “” mass concentration of the release of special machine “… … the fierce offensive Haier air conditioning, so that the rising popularity of supermarkets, leaving counter consultation before the rush of consumers s heart. Haier air conditioning will suffer the biggest craze in the history of . It is understood that this significant concession is Haier air conditioning has never been, to allow consumers to enjoy the lowest prices and maximum benefits, 51 will be staged during the most crazy, so prices move more than any other brand. 51 The five days, all to the consumer appliance stores will really feel Haier freon

Inverter air conditioner Super benefits brought by surprise, I believe it is difficult to control many consumers to buy warm live!

Second look: Aftermarket Service , That is to buy the security
Every node is a hi hot sales, but the aftermarket installation of huge pressure, the saying goes “one-third of air-conditioning, seven installation,” a little careless in the installation process will bring endless trouble for future use. In this regard, Haier assembly services 100 000 strong army on standby?? Consumers can buy an air conditioner scene, without reservation, the installer can install the door immediately, accompanied by the user, so that “that is safe to buy”, not let customers wait a minute . Not by the installation of the past masters, manufacturers simply not trained to use the temporary installation of a large difference is that Haier are all responsible for the installation engineers with professional qualifications, using professional equipment, so that the industry “the only guarantee 100% on-site professional vacuum Installation Process “, and also to ensure” fluorine-free inverter air conditioner repair machine 10 years of free package “, which allow more and more consumers choose only the Haier air conditioning.

3 to see: special duration, price increases last five days before the Carnival
51 Little Golden Week just three days, a number of travel consumers, worried about missing the significant benefits of this unique. In this regard, Haier air-conditioned concession length is “unprecedented Kuangqiang 5 days” and discounted the longest time, to ensure consumers can still go out and coming back to buy a leisurely, not three days in the holiday crowd packed the store by the bitter. At the same time, the face of rising prices for raw materials, 61 new national energy efficiency standards into effect, and air-conditioning will bring prices trend, consumers must seize this last five days of ex-gratia, to celebrate the 51 buy carnival.

4 look: product popularity, sales of the first
Participate in the activities of this ex-gratia Haier air conditioning, has a reputation gone, sales of the first. In Nanjing, Jinan, Fuzhou, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Dalian and other key cities, Haier air conditioning firmly occupied the country the U.S. channel NO.1; and from the Gome and Suning, the country such as five star chain sales statistics also showed that heat fluorine-free sales of Haier air conditioning, and an energy-efficient inverter air conditioners, Haier air conditioning to the first quarter grew 300% over three times the industry growth rate; the same time, according to the PRC, from the latest monthly sales statistics, Haier freon frequency Air conditioning has been highest in the total list of all products sell well in the first model is popular.

Five visits: brand strength, the world’s first
Side of a crazy price, while the other side is the pressure of rising prices, the world’s first

White Brand Haier air conditioning, so how can start it five days a huge benefit of the “most offensive”?

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