The Advantage of E-Commerce

The internet has proved useful in many aspects of life and business marketing is definitely one of them. E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce is the process in which businesses use electronic media such as the internet and its related technology and applications, to create interaction between a buyer and a seller. This process is usually over the internet and can comprise of several other factors independent to specific types of businesses.

The business, company or organization may choose the means in which they would want to integrate their marketing tools. There are several options available and all of which have their own pros and cons.  The simplest form of e-commerce and advertising over the internet is through posting links over popular internet sites, which will then redirect the user to the company or business site once the user has clicked on the link. Other means is through email, once the company has obtained a lead to a potential client, emails are sent to this client to alert them of products or services which they are most likely to be interested in. This is obtained through the statistical analysis of viewing history and internet activity that is recorded by tracking programs also available over the internet.

Electronic commerce is not limited to marketing and advertising however as there are other means wherein e-commerce may be applied such as in online transactions and transfers like in that of shipping of good, travel ticket purchase or transfer of money to and from bank accounts. The monitoring and maintenance of electronic data and finances is also done through internet use. Inventory systems and management through online database systems makes it easier for companies to communicate with each other in regards to the supplies they have available. There are also other forms of electronic and online data collection systems available for commercial and business use.


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