The Advantages of eBook Reader Comparison

The release of Amazon’s Kindle, its first eBook product, is truly a dream-come-true to those who love to read. Its existence has enabled anyone to read with total convenience, comfort, and fun. Indeed, it makes one’s reading experience far better than how it was used to be. Following its release is Amazon’s introduction of another version known as the Kindle 2 Electronic Book Reader.

The flaws and shortcomings of the original type are now made better in the second version. Basically, the latter is the improvised design of the former. It fills-up whatever is missing and makes it appear perfect for both regular and non-regular readers. This product allows you to download and store up to thousands of your favourite books; therefore, searching and purchasing them outside is no longer necessary.

Physically, this item is designed to be much sleeker, stronger, thinner, and lighter than the first version. Some changes in the arrangements and designs of the controls, buttons, and keyboard are likewise noticeable. It comes with a 5-way joystick which is helpful in terms of scrolling, selecting items, and highlighting. Furthermore, it uses E-Ink display and a faster video controller from Epson.

This product is also Wi-Fi-ready. Yes, that means that it allows you to connect to the Internet more easily and quickly now. Wherever you are, you can simply download and read your most-loved books straight from it anytime you want. Certainly, all these things are provided without any monthly dues to be paid or service plans whatsoever. Now, everything that you desire is already right at your fingertips.

You can even take this unit with you wherever you go without experiencing any hassles in recharging it. In fact, it offers 25% longer battery life which is proven to work for a longer period of time. Moreover, it can turn pages with 20% faster than the previous version. It has huge storage capacity which is capable of holding as many as thousands of reading materials such as books, magazine, blogs, and newspapers. Not to mention its text-to-speech capability which greatly helps those who are blind and visually-impaired individuals.

PDF, HTML, RTF, plain text, and Microsoft Word documents, these are the most common types of formats that can be read by this Kindle Wireless Reading Device. It’s also guaranteed to work better through its use of a faster processor, the Freescale 532-MHz ARM-11 chip, with a built-in 128 MB of RAM. Best of all, it enables you to save more money, time, and effort by allowing you to download samples of books, newspapers, and magazines for free before making the decision to either buy it or not.