The Alex E-Reader

Men and women have long been asking when the Alex E-Reader would ship considering that it was announced at the CES 2010. Spring Design and style the makers of the Android Powered Alex E-Reader says that it will ship officially April 16th of this year, just two weeks after the Apple I-PAD is released.

Alex E-Reader

The Alex E-Reader will retail for $ 399.00 and functions a touch screen full color three.five inch bottom screen and 6 inch E-INK primary screen to do your reading on. It has a WI-FI net connection and is in a position to study EPUB, PDF, HTML, and txt formats. Its Net connection is compatible with all WiFi, 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM Networks.

Alex content distributors contain Google Book Retailer and will effortlessly study all DRM PDF Documents. They also have been busy on the international front striking offers to land regional localization in Spanish, Russian, Chinese and more!

The Alex E-Reader will come bundled with a wide selection of constructed in Google Android Applications such as Photo Gallery, Internet Browser, Calculator and Music Player. The sound genuinely shines on this device in stereo sound, where as most other e-readers only do MONO. The device also has a native capacity to study Flash driven internet site content material. Creating the Alex a really distinctive and versatile electronic reader.

The a single issue we actually like about the Spring Styles Alex E-Reader is the ability to download PDF E-books appropriate from the net and save them locally to your device. Most other E-Readers only transfer books to your device if you have bought them from an application shop, sync your device with your pc, or connect it to your computer with a USB cable. We also believe the capacity to view streaming media over the internet in E-INK is a excellent feature as nicely.

Speaking of getting able to connect to the internet and browse by means of the net, Spring Style has announced a function referred to as Link-Notes. This function will enable users to click on hyper text within e-books and then go to a internet-web page. They announced officially that the Link-Notes feature “opens up a entire new dimension in publishing.”

As we mentioned, the bottom screen of the Alex E-Reader is a complete colour touch screen, that is extremely considerably akin to the Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader. Spring Design believed it was too related and really sued Barnes and Noble more than it final November, which delayed the Nooks item release for a couple of months. This put a damper on everyone who wanted to buy Nooks for Christmas time.

Alex in the upcoming weeks will be releasing an SDK to Android Developers providing them the potential to make custom applications for their E-Reader and some will be featured correct on Spring Styles web site. There is no word yet if they are going to be operating their own app store. We will be reporting on this further on our Excellent E-Reader Forum

Final Thoughts: It remains to be seen if men and women will just devote $ 100.00 far more and get the Apple I-PAD. As effectively, a lot of of the new E-Readers that are coming out in the next handful of months all function Google Android Operating systems, but hardly any applications have been created for them however. What we would like to see with its internet browser, audio and flash content are the subsequent generation of Decide on your Own adventure on the web E-books or far more E-Books with audio and visual content material in them.