The Answer to What is Green Deal

Announced as a revolution when it comes to the UK energy sector, the green deal is the flagship initiative of the government to raise the efficiency of energy of British homes and offices in both the private as well as the public sector. To know more about what is green deal, one should keep abreast of the green deal news that is currently available. The green deal was proposed to the parliament in the December of 2010 as the focus of the Energy Bill of the Coalition Government. It will permit private energy firms to supply commercial as well as domestic customers with wall and loft insulation, double glazing and other such structural improvements that might be designed to raise the energy efficiency of the buildings. This is an attempt to reduce energy bills a major part of which goes towards heating.


First one has to know what is green deal. It has been decided that from the autumn of 2012, energy utility companies which will be taking part in the green deal along with accredited retailers like Marks & Spencer, B&Q and Tesco will give customers all over the UK quality assured work whether it is in their homes, offices or community centers and that too without having to take any loans or an advance on finance. You must make sure you know all about the green deal news whether you choose to read the newspapers, magazines, surf the Net, listen to the radio or watch television.


If you need to know more about what is green deal then you should know that the entire cost of the measures will be recovered in the form of installments on the energy bill over a number of years and since the green deal is neither a personal loan nor an advance payment scheme, the home owner is under absolutely no obligation to carry on paying the installments after he moves house. If you make sure that you keep abreast of the green deal news you are sure to learn a lot more things about how green deal works, how to apply for green deal and why you should make an entry in the green deal register.


Yet another thing you must know if you want to know what is green deal is that appropriateness for the scheme is measured on the basis of a straightforward calculation which is called the golden rule of the green deal. The forecasted savings from the energy efficiency enhancements to your home or office must not be less than the cost of the installation. If you look for the green deal news, you are sure to get all these details and much more.


The answer to what is green deal will let you know that the scheme will setup an adaptable framework by which both commercial and domestic customers will be supplied energy efficient installations that will best suit their respective requirements. Besides, they will have easy access to continual support and advice to further increase the energy efficiency in their office or home besides all kinds of green deal news.