The Art of Approaching Women – 7 Top Tips

Knowing how to approach a woman is paramount to your success in the dating game. 90% of guys haven’t got a clue and quickly lose heart at their chances of success. The good news is that with a little guidance and practice, you can become a zen master at approaching women and we all know where that will lead right?

You might feel a little stupid wondering about how to approach women but why shouldn’t you seek a little guidance? You spend your childhood beingtaught algebra, geography and history. You take driving lessons, get coached at sports and everything else but no-one teaches you that art of approaching women – probably the one topic that you think about every god damned day!

So what are the secrets? Well, to start with, this is a numbers game. You need to practice to get good at it. There is no escaping this part of the problem. It will be unnerving,uncomfortable and stressful, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

Approaching Tip #1: Stop only approaching women you are interested in. Being at ease talking to people is a skill that takes time to develop so you must practice it. Being at ease talking to beautiful women is a skill that takes longer. It is easier to do this if you just get the hang of approaching strangers before you start aiming your sights at hot babes. Start out your personal development (and this is personal development) by just smiling and greeting people. Keep doing it until it doesn’t bother you or make you feel nervous to talk to strangers whether they are old men of ultra babes.

Approaching Tip #2: When you talk to a women, don’t broadcast the idea that you’re into her – women hate being hit on. If she is pretty, she gets hit on all the time and has plenty of defense routines to get her out of trouble. If you start out by complimenting her, she knows you are sub-ordinating yourself to her. It is the single thing that will put their defenses up and make it difficult for you to succeed.

Approaching Tip #3: Lose the cheesy lines. There is nothing worse than starting a conversation with some practiced witty remark – they just sound canned and immediately put you on the back foot (by telegraphing that you are trying to pick her up!). A women will respond best if she is not put in the spotlight and if shedoesn’t feel like she’s being hit on. If you do not arouse her suspicions, she will not become defensive.

Approaching Tip #4: Make yourself a prize; women do not want to be with a loser. If you are nervous and uncomfortable in your surroundings, you will be sendingnervous signals out all the time and she will notice it. If you are comfortable in your surroundings, you will exude confidence and she will notice your confidence too. One way of achieving this is by making sure you are familiar with where you are trying to approach women and that is best achieved by visiting the location often.

Approaching Tip #5: Grow a thick skin. You are going to get blown out a lot when you start out. It is nothing personal, it is just part of the learning process. Don’t become fixated on one girl – remember that this is a numbers game and you must approach lots and lots of girls over time. One recommendation is to not set yourself the goal of picking up a girl, but setting yourself the goal of getting blown out by a dozen girls in a day. That way, at the end of the day you might have made 12 failed approaches but that was your goal anyway!

Approaching Tip #6: Keep a smile. Never enter a room with a smile on your face but make sure you use it when you are talking to a woman. Smiling is a brilliant method of disarming a lady. It is in all of our natures to respond positively to them.

Approaching Tip #7: Be aloof. Hot girls are so used to being hit on they get kind of freaked out if a guy (particularly an average looking one) shows a lack of interest in them. If they are not the centre of attention, they want to know why and they will start working for you, to find out why you don’t seem to be drooling at their feet. This literally turns the game around from you chasing the girls to the girls chasing you!