The Art of Spa gives relaxing and rejuvenating deep tissue massage and other treatments confident to banish tension and tension

Art of Spa is a Pimlico-based Thai spa with a wealth of knowledge offering relaxing and rejuvenating deep tissue massage, and further massage and beauty therapies, that are specific to revitalise you not matter how considerably tension you are carrying on your shoulders.

All of our deep tissue massage therapists are fully qualified massage and beauty therapists. We hold planet class distinctions of merit in ITEC, VCTC, NVQ, Level three and Watt Po accreditations. Our extra qualifications consist of full membership of the BABTAC, ITEC and registry at Westminster City Council. It is these deep tissue massage, beauty and further massage accreditations that demonstrate our beauty and massage expertise, and why as soon as you go to us you we will banish those aches and pains in just one session.

All of our massage therapies are extremely competitive and certainly a little value to pay for the comprehensive rejuvenation that you will really feel after the remedy. The deep tissue remedies that we supply are carried out in thirty, sixty, ninety and a single hundred and twenty minute sessions. So, no matter whether you are feeling that strain at perform and need a deep tissue massage in your lunch hour, or have booked a day of operate and are intent on a full two hour deep tissue massage therapy, you want to merely book a session with us and we’ll accommodate your requirements. The deep tissue massage treatments for thirty minutes expense just thirty pounds whereas a full two hour session costs just eighty pounds.

Now the winter months have descended Art of Spa is operating a quantity of winter packages that you basically need to take benefit of. We’re supplying five pound discounts on each standard and 4 handed massage treatment options and a free foot massage when you spend thirty five pounds on the well-known pedigree spa of 1 hour and twenty minutes.

For a look at the full variety of services that we offer you from deep tissue massage therapies to standard Thai massage therapies or to book a therapy with us then basically come and visit us on-line at:
Thailand’s Football-Crazed Fishermen and the Floating Pitch

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In Koh Panyee, a tiny island floating off the coast of Thailand, a group of football-crazed fisherman encounter a unique difficulty: not an inch of dry land on which to play.

Check out how a group of friends came up with thought that would sooner or later spawn one of the most effective football clubs in the southern Thailand, Koh Panyee.

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