The Artisan du chocolates are the best

Then processing them into the liquor, and the beans are then shipped to their factory in the UK, and made into the chocolate from there. So it is not bean to bar, but one step that is removed from it. So the Artisan does not control their roast, but does manage the recipe blending and the conching from that particular point.

So, I tried out the three of their origins, two of which are the more unique and uncommon, Vietnam and Bali. Amano has also tried Bali, and I had one recently from the Bittersweet, also the most enjoyable. The third origin was Jamaica, an origin I have generally been excited about, and I have been specifically waiting for some of the chocolate maker to really create something truly great with it.

A little background on the unique origin of the Vietnam is to be known in this context. Vietnam in order to compete on the world market as a major exporter of the superior quality cacao, and as such will be focusing on the high yielding strains of the cocoa. Probable the widespread lack of the proper farming facilities and the fermentation techniques increases the overall likelihood that the amount of the quality cacao that is being exported will be quite tiny, at least for some initial years since the inception.

If I were a grand tea connoisseur, perhaps, I could name a few of those things in the finish. Instead, I would very well and effectively describe it as a very interesting, earthy ambrosial mix of the sort of the dark teas with some kind of the most essential oils of the mint and something not quite lemongrass, it is indeed earthier than that. Maybe it’s like a completely honeyed stick tea, or well, I do not know, but it’s indeed fascinating. There are some distant fruit or syrupy notes, and something very floral, in the aroma that I can’t quite name either. That indeed makes for an exciting chocolate for me without any doubt. Any time you get to have a new experience in the chocolate, and with this particular origin, it is one that I had never quite had before.

I’m indeed doing my best in order to describe in the notes, the taste experiences that I have never had before. Beyond the overall novelty of the particular experience of a new origin, and its different and the most exciting new taste in the chocolate, I am not sure how to qualify this particular chocolate. As can often be the case with a very rare origin, is it indeed really that great, or is it just so exciting to get these completely new flavours, to express this new terroir. The Artisan chocolate is indeed high in demand and is preferred by millions of the chocolate lovers from all across the world.
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