The Asil Chicken Is Not Meant To Be Your Next Meal

The Asil chicken is growing in popularity, not for the food that they can provide. Rather, they are gaining popularity for the company that they offer. At first, the chicken may seem to be a strange idea for pet. Especially, if you have never spent time on or lived on a farm. Although, you will probably need to have some land available to you, the Asil chicken can fulfill your need for a family pet.

The Asil chicken breed has been drawn and written about so far back as 1500 BC. It has originated from the countries of India and Pakistan. Although some chefs have ways to make some tasty food combinations of these chickens, they really are not meant to be eaten. Although they are larger then traditional birds, they are also leaner and very well-muscled. They were mainly bred because of their tendencies to fight with little provocation. Today, we now know that this is a cruel use for these affectionate little guys.

The world of cockfighting is starting to overlook these birds for larger and more tenacious birds. Due to the Asil chicken’s tendencies, it is wise to consider this when mapping out living quarters for the birds.

Two males together is not a good idea. A group of hens and one male can be kept comfortably together. If a new hen is introduced to the group, a close eye will have to be paid until you are sure that the new hen is not attacked by the other hens. Initial posturing is to be expected.

Even the chicks are known to fight with each other, so try and separate them when you first start noticing aggressiveness among them. There is not one big generally stated rule of thumb, so it is best to find out an animal’s personality and make your decisions from that information. These are behaviors that have been noticed by those that have previously bred them.

So what would make the Asil chicken a candidate for a pet? They are an incredibly smart bunch of birds. Their intelligence is what sets them apart from other chickens. They also bond very closely with their owners and will often seek out attention when the owner is present. They are visibly happy animals when they have their needs met and feel comfortable and safe.

If you want eggs or meat, you might want to look at another breed of chickens. The Asil chicken is known for its ability to sit on and hatch healthy eggs but they are not a big producer of eggs. This breed is also uncommonly healthy for most poultry breeds. They are not stricken by most diseases that plague other chickens.

It is up to you as to whether you choose the Asil chicken as a pet. They may not be a popular as a dog or a cat, but some people are finding them to be quite the family addition. It may be possible to have several around as pets and responsibly breed a few others to those that are looking for an unique little bundle of feathers.
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam