The Bali Mala Beads and Yoga Meditation

The mind is a faculty where a lot goes on within us. We are at times left to wander within and want a place of refuge for our troubled minds. Meditation and yoga are solaces where many people turn to make up for this imbalance of the human nature.

Bali is a province in Indonesia prominent for the crafts and spiritualism. The culture of the people is largely the practice of yoga and the Hindu religion is widely accepted and practiced. People of all race and color are found in temples and new members are welcome in the various temples. The practice materials are often blessed by the high priestesses before they are sold out to intending users and faithful. The balimala beads are prominent materials used in the various temples by Hindus and yoga faithful.

What is a mala

Mala is prayer bead used by yoga and other faith full’s during their meditation ritual. The beads have a long history and have been since the ancients. They are in different shapes and sizes. The use of gemstones believed to have healing and other spiritual benefits is exploited for the designs of these malas. It is a bead that is produced by members with a sense of spirituality as mental concentration and spiritual focus is needed to spring the beads. Though some may be mass produced, temples of high spirituality attach the importance of mental concentration to the production.

Meditation with mala

The bali mala beads are used alongside meditation process by the faithful. This is used as means of concentration and focus by running the fingertips through the beads with mental and spiritual alertness. The process is done by repeating the mantra which is a phrasal expression of prayer by the faithful.

Collections of mala

The mala beads are in large collections that probably have various areas of application and according to spiritual needs of the members. Some of the various malas have different designs and shapes. You can wear it on the neck or hold by the hands. The sensation on the mala beads has a spiritual impact on the bearer for healing, meditation, and mental alertness. The collections run into hundreds of which some of them are:

•    The basic mala

•    Ancient beat mala

•    Flower of life mala

•    Eye am I mala

•    Insight mala

•    Lava mala

•    Black whole mala

•    Blue note mala

•    The dreamer mala

•    Free flux mala

The mala that is right for you

Every mala is designed according to a given specification and pattern. Your choice of a mala is dependent on your spiritual needs and style. There are different color variations to pick from.The malas are designed with the precious gems with a specific healing property that is well known to the members of the sect.Consultations and counseling however, can be a way to go if you’re not sure of what should be the appropriate mala that will serve your need for meditation and mental balance.
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