The Barnevelder Chicken Is An Excellent All-round Utility Bird

Indigenous to the Netherlands, the Barnevelder Chicken is a very popular breed of poultry. The species made its first appearance just before the start of World War I. Due to the high quality and distinctive color of the eggs, Barnevelders were soon in demand in other parts of the world. Exports to other countries began in 1921.

The ‘double laced’ is a very popular variety, but they also come in black, partridge, and silver. The hen’s plumage is predominantly dark brown with black double lacing. This is frequently named a ‘double laced partridge’. Males have beautiful plumage with bursts of bronze, shimmering green, and violet. Some males have white and blue lacing.

Plumage of the female and the male has been described as ‘rich in texture and very tight’. Barnevelders have single combs, yellow skin, and red ear lobes. They look very impressive with nice upright stances and broad breasts. Their flying capabilities are somewhat lacking due to short wings.

Although they first became famous because of their brown eggs, Barnevelders are today most sought-after by show breeders and not so much for their eggs. In fact, the color of the eggs is now irrelevant because the focus is more on the characteristics of the birds’ appearance. Eggs are now much lighter in color and layers are not producing quantities equal to their previous reputation.

Having said this, they are still useful layers, especially during winter. With a quiet, amicable disposition, they behave well in the show ring and also serve as great utility birds. Medium-to-heavy in weight, the Barnevelder is a perfect all-purpose bird that produces a good supply of eggs and also yields a tasty carcass for the dinner table. They are robust and are useful foragers. If you don’t want them to get fat, avoid keeping them cooped up. Allowing them to roam freely will avoid this.

Both the male and female are docile and enjoy human company. As such, they make excellent pets, especially for children. A pet will happily join the ranks of the family and will not object to being picked up, stroked, and handled. A young bird may need some socialization before they become a true pet. Unlike most other breeds of chickens, Barnevelders have even been known to try and nurture new human babies or very young children.

They are laid-back and enjoy being with the family. They will follow an owner around just like a dog. Some people say that they even like to take on the role of a ‘guard dog’. Hens brood their eggs and are outstanding mothers. The hen will take great care of her chicks when they are hatched. The rooster also plays his part in raising the offspring.

In comparison to other breeds, the chicks take longer to feather-out. On maturity, hens weigh up to 6 pounds, and roosters can reach up to 8 pounds. To conclude, one can definitely say that the Barnevelder Chicken will make an excellent all-purpose utility bird that is a good layer, a good pet, and good to eat. Hens can lay 180-200 eggs a year and jumbo eggs can weigh up to 3 ounces. The manure is a fantastic garden fertilizer.
Sabung Ayam
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