The Beautiful Balisong: History of The Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife or Balisong, is perhaps one of the most popular knives in the world. Even today, it is not uncommon to see Yet the history of the Balisong can be seen as a mystery to many, and is debated by many knife enthusiast all over the world.

There are two main theories when it comes to the history of Balisongs, the most popular is that the Balisong originated in the Phillipines around 800 AD. This butterfly blade was said to be one of the most ancient weapons used in the Filipino Martial Art of Kali, which even today is considered one of the deadliest fighting systems in the world. It was said to have taken its name form the town of Bali-Sung in the Batangas region of the Phillipines. This region is known, even to this day for solely producing the knife. The knife was then said to have been brought to the US in the 1900s, by immigrant Filipino farm labourers and returning GIs who brought them back as war souvenirs. In the 50s it became illegal to manufacture them in the US, due to negative use by motorcycle gangs and criminal delinquents. However, they were resurrected in the 70s by some of the well known Filipino Martial Arts superstars. Today, Balisongs are alive and well, being collected by millions all over the US and the rest of the world.

There is still, another theory that states the origin of the Balisong originated in some part of Europ Between the early 1500s and the late 1700s. This is primarily due to the discovery of the learliest known Balisong, which was said to be referred to as the Pied Du-Roy. It is currently on display at the Musee de la Coutellarie in Thiers.

Yet with all the speculation, the truth is that the history of the origin of the Balisong is still a mystery, but this does not take away from the fact that this weapon is one of the most deadly and effective that you can find. Yet, it is important to stay away from cheap quality Balisongs. There are many balisongs, or butterfly knives on the market that are sub-par. Be sure to by from a good dealer, who can give you the high quality that you are looking for. In the mean-time, Keep on flippin.
Sabung Ayam