The Best Area in Bali for Vacation

Lying just 8o south of the Equator, Bali can boast a tropical climate with just two seasons a year and an average temperature of around 28o Celsius.Bali is small but it seem to have a magnet that attract so many people. Bali is just 140 Km by 80 Km and lies between Java and lombok. Bali’s main volcano is still active and sometimes explosive and is considered sacred among local people as it is believed to be the center of the universe.

Canggu village is close to the large tourist spots on Bali but remarkably laid back and undeveloped, there are only a few hotels here. The village is surround by rice fields in a semi-rural area of Bali. The surfers usually gather around small food stall at the beach, where they can exchange their experiences.

Being roughly 25 minutes drive from Seminyak, with many local expatriates and many villas owned by overseas nationals are located here as well. Much of the area features quietly undulating terrain with the rice paddies that categorize much of central Bali. Most people still makes a living of agriculture and fishing with traditional life still intact.

Aside from hotel there are also some Bali villas which usually feature their own swimming pool or plunge pool. The private villas that Bali Villas Network supply can be discovered in various spots around the island of Bali including Canggu.

Just choose the pace of your amazing holiday activities and there is guaranteed to be a famous villas to ultimately suit these needs. You just give the requirements for your holiday then the Bali villas network staffs will find the suitable villa for you. Your every need will be taken care of by their Balinese staff and enjoy your dreams where luxury is abundant and private.
Sabung Ayam
Grom Games 2016 Bali

Have you ever tried to corral six fourteen year old’s halfway across the world? Through flights, check-ins, security lines, McDonald’s lines, and more security lines? As you could imagine, it’s no easy task.

But it’s a task that we have taken on ever since the
inception of Grom Games, a yearly trip that puts on display the most
talented youth from all corners of the globe. This year’s mission
included Noah Hill, Kade Matson, Caroline Marks, Eduardo Motta, Alan
Cleland and Tommy Coleman all making the pilgrimage to beautiful Bali.

The events that followed are what you see above. So watch it
all, from the first session to the last, and every milkshake in


Sabung Ayam