The Best Locations Of New York Hotels

Selecting your favourite New York hotels is the best part of the booking process when you’re off to the Big Apple for business or pleasure. The top New York City accommodations are centrally located to the main attractions and come in every style, shape and price tag on the market.

Some of the hotel hotspots for the savvy New York traveller include the Upper Manhattan region commanding sweeping views of Central Park, waterfront luxury overlooking the East River, and an easy access to the city’s top notch museum tours. Walk to the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Natural History Museum, and explore the European treasures of the Guggenheim Museum opposite Central Park.

The Midtown section of Manhattan has its own unique history and charm and is a favourite destination for shopping, eclectic dining and a trip down memory lane with some of the most recognizable structures in the Manhattan skyline. Visit the Empire State Building on 8th Avenue for a day or evening climb to the observation deck for panoramic city views, or strap yourself in for a virtual wild ride around the city in the NY Skyride Theatre located on the 2nd floor.

In addition to the cities clean and dependable corporate chain hotels, the Midtown district is home to some of the best boutique hotels to found on the island. From the retro Bohemian feel to the ultra- modern art deco design, New York’s boutique hotels offer best bargain lodging prices with their own unique personality and flair.

Lower Manhattan New York hotels are convenient to the city’s financial district and easy access to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. Take a break from the bustle of business to the rolling green grounds at Battery Park and hop on the launch to Liberty and Ellis islands. The Lower Manhattan hotels take first place for magnificent city lights and harbour views, priced just right at the rate you want to pay.

Finally, if quiet nights and rapid transport to your flights are priority, John F. Kennedy International Airport is serviced by a dozen or so quality hotels to meet and exceed most budgets. Travel into the big city is fast and efficient on the NYC subway trains, leaving convenient Jamaica Station 24 hours a day.

To access the subways from the airport and kiss the traffic goodbye, simply pick up the AirTrain at the terminals for a five minute ride to either Jamaica Station for connections with Manhattan or Howard Beach Station headed to Long Island. Affectionately known to the locals as “the train to the plane”, the NYC transit is the only way to go to save time and money flying in and out of New York City.

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