The Best Ways To Get Over A Break-Up

Most people, at one point or another during their lives, have a relationship that ends. Whether you are the one to end it or the one who has been left, it’s a tough time and there are many ways to get over it, be it getting going for a balloon ride or meetings someone else.

There’s always the risk that you might want to get back together with the person you have just split up with, and while that can often be a good thing, it can just as often be a mistake as there were very good reasons for the break in the first place. Here are some ways to occupy yourself to make sure that you don’t go back.

1. Get Back In The Saddle

This can often be a tough way to do things, and it might not seem like the most appropriate way to behave if you’re nursing a broken heart, however, meeting new people and experiencing new situations can really help put things in perspective.

Whether you go online for internet dating, try speed dating or hit the bars with a vengeance the key thing to remember is that you’re not looking to replace your ex, but you’re just looking for a bit of fun. If you have fun with someone then who knows where it might lead, but fun should really be your only goal when you meet someone new on the dating scene.

2. Join A Club

Of course, meeting new people is a great way to forget your past, and if you have been with your ex for a while then it’s more than likely you’ll have mutual friends. There’s really no point in fighting over them, unless you really feel you should, so go out and meet some new people. Taking up a new hobby can really shift perspective and give you something new and exciting to think about.

3. Read Chick Lit

Only kidding. The last thing you want to do is start worrying about true love and whether you’ll meet the right person. The chances are that somewhere along the line you will, but the best way to minimize the chance of you doing so is by treating each new encounter with an attractive stranger as an opportunity to frogmarch someone down the aisle. This sort of books promote the likelihood of a chance meeting between true strangers that ends in love, and while this can happen if you expect it to then you’re promoting a mind-set where it won’t happen.

4. Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Put your troubles in perspective by seeing the world from above. This is the perfect way to realise that there’s so much more out there for you to understand exactly what life can be.

Ultimately, you need to take an interest in other people and in life. Do that and you’ll soon be glad that you had the time with your ex but not regret that you’re no longer together.
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Mercredi 19 juillet 2017
21h00 Carrières de Junas
Antonio Sanchez et Migration
Antonio Sanchez : batterie, Seamus Blake : Sax, John Escreet : piano, Matt Brewer : basse, Thana Alexa : chant

Sideman virtuose aux côtés de Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen, Kenny Werner ou encore Pat Metheny, dont il reste le fidèle batteur après 15 ans de collaboration, c’est avec la BO du film oscarisé « Birdman » de son compatriote mexicain Iñárritu qu’Antonio Sanchez, batteur et compositeur, s’est fait connaître du grand public. Pilote du solide quartet Migration depuis 2011, Antonio Sanchez s’impose comme un visionnaire du jazz contemporain.

22h30 Carrières de Junas
Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade Trio « Children of the light » Grande Bretagne, Guadeloupe, France

Un trio, et quel trio !! Les musiciens sont ceux qui forment la rythmique intangible du Wayne Shorter Quartet depuis quinze ans : Danilo Pérez au ¬piano, John Patitucci à la contrebasse, Brian Blade à la batterie. Évidemment, le pianiste Danilo Pérez, le bassiste John Patitucci et le batteur Brian Blade sont individuellement des maîtres, chacun dans leur genre. Et leur union sur ce trio est à la hauteur de ce que leurs noms peuvent susciter chez les fans de jazz. Ici, l’intense cohérence et le niveau de communication impressionnent. Ces trois-là se connaissent à la perfection et cela s’entend tout au long d’un disque dans lequel la narration reste la préoccupation première. Pérez a rarement aussi bien joué et la paire Patitucci / Blade ose d’étonnantes combinaisons. Et si les trois musiciens peuvent comproviser (composer/improviser) sur des formes harmoniques et mélodiques très denses, ils peuvent également explorer la beauté d’une simple harmonie. Un vrai régal !

PMR 0466930159