The Blogging Game Has Changed – Have You Changed With It?

How blogging has changed! In the beginning it was so easy to just throw up a few posts, get indexed, and bingo make some cash. As a matter of fact, numerous professionals just created free blogs that churned out money left, right and center. I have news for you, times are ‘a changing’, therefore you’d be advised to change along with them, that is if you’re interested in making money from your blogs.

So what’s changed? Firstly, the search engines have changed how they view blogs. In the beginning they were comparatively new and this energised the engines due to the freshly updated content all over the place. Whilst this was fine in the beginning the search engines soon became smart to what was happening. In other words rather than blogging people were what is known as “splogging” content “yes”, but content with no quality. Some individuals still believe that they can set up “splogs” everywhere. In truth the question to ask is are you going to set up a business with any real foundations if you’re not providing any lasting quality? I’m sure you know the answer to this one!

The second and possibly obvious thing that has altered about blogging is the simplicity with which you are able to get detected. During the early years becoming the top authority blogger in your niche or field was easier for the most part due to the fact that not many existed. Today it is easier to get noticed, however this needs to be balanced by the additional competition that now exists. So most niches can seem a little bit crowded.

Don’t despair, it may seem easy at this point to give up and accept that you cannot get your piece of the pie, but just because you have competition from other blogs, does not mean that you should give up, “No” what it does mean is that you have to step up your game. What about your own blog, what does it have that makes it original and unique from the rest?

What is it that you can do to attract more visitors or get your old one’s back think about what it is that makes your blog unique. How can you maintain you’re visitors coming back time and time again. Creating that stand out impressions is so important these days, have you considered what it is that makes your blog worth a viist after a visit against other competing blogs in your niche.

Thirdly the options to monetize your blog have also changed. Expired are the years when you could just place some AdSense code on your blog and anticipate making a decent amount of money. There is a difference of opinion on whether its now more difficult to make money dependent upon who you ask, but with a little trial and error when you discover what’s right for your niche the returns could in reality be a great deal higher than they used to be.

Lastly, the function of the blog in itself has changed. In the past people would merely pull together samples of everything they chanced upon online and comment on them — a “weblog.” In this day and age blogs can be a confirmable portal of fantastic subject matter and information altogether in its own right.

If you are merely banking upon comments of other sites and products to maintain yourself, it has to be time to step up your game. It is always more beneficial to compose commanding, thoughtful blog posts that will capture people’s attention. You are not merely detailing the game of others, you are formulating the play as you go.

Techniques and ways in Internet marketing do not tend to stay motionless for any amount of time. Hence to ensure you are a successful blogger you’ve got to be sure you are excelling.