The Brilliant Nokia E7 The Perfect Messaging Device

The new E7 from Nokia treads a similar path to the popular N8, but this time adding a high quality Qwerty keypad into the equation as well as a new large screen.

Casting your eyes over the Nokia E7 for the first time, it is evident that this is a well designed model. Sleek lines are coupled with high end materials used during its construction such as aluminium. What this does is not only make the phone stand out from the crowd, but also improves its durability, which with 18 and 24 month contracts becoming more common is a very important factor. Where the E7 does differ from the majority of smartphones currently available is the physical keypad which is located on a slider mechanism behind the phones screen. This will please users who frequently use the handsets excellent messaging features. There are times when a simple text will suffice, and thus the screen also offers a virtual keypad for such instances. A pleasing aspect of this model is how the keypad does not bulk out the physical dimensions to much, with the 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6mm competing with many rival models that offer less functionality. Various connections are dotted around the phones exterior, with the one that really stands out being the mini HDMI. HDMI is the connection commonly found on most home entertainment devices, so this enables an easy link to products such as HD televisions.

One area where the Nokia E7 really excels is the superb display that it uses. One reason that the screen performs so well is thanks to its use of “ClearBlack” technology, Nokias attempt at rivalling the likes of the Retina screen offered by Apple. ClearBlack, like its name suggests improves the depth of black colours as well as improving the clarity of image in natural sunlight. The screen measure 4 inches which has obvious benefits when it comes to viewing material, as well as allowing elements such as the virtual keypad to be large enough to use easily. The overall resolution of the screen is 640 x 360, thus the result is practically unrivalled quality of picture. The Nokia E7 is a pleasure to use, and this experience benefits from the amazing speed at which the handset handles a variety of tasks. The processor that provides this speed is clocked at 1Ghz, right up there with the most powerful currently available on a mobile handset.

The easiest way to summarise the Nokia E7 is the perfect balance between a specialist messaging phone and a mainstream smartphone, and thanks to this, should prove popular with all consumers.

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