The Capital City of Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby lies on the southeast shore of New Guinea. It is the city capital and administrative centre of Papua New Guinea. British Captain John Moresby, named the port after his father. Port Moresby is a sprawling modern city with a population approaching half a million. A ridge divides the older town from the newer island suburbs.

Its exports are plywood, timber copra, coffee, rubber and gold. Saw milling, brewing, tobacco processing, and the manufacture of handicrafts and concrete are the principal industries, and fishing is important.

Much drier than the rest of the country, it often suffers from extended droughts. Annual events that take place in Port Moresby are the Hiri Moale and the Agricultural Show.

You would arriving in Papua New Guinea from Australia by the capital city of Port Moresby.

The waters surrounding the capital are also ideal for several water sports. Idler’s Beach is a popular swimming spot just east of Port Moresby. Sinasi Reefand Daugo Island is a beautiful reef and white, sandy beaches and are popular excursions from Port Moresby.

The city has half a dozen large markets where fresh produce is sold, and large supermarkets which sell local and imported goods. Every street corner has a small kiosk or canteen where basic necessities are sold. Betel nuts and cigarettes are sold on the side of the road just about every where. Gordons Market is one of the largest and busiest in the country.

Boroko is an important shopping centre and includes several restaurants and bars, banks and department stores. The best places to buy handicrafts in Port Moresby are off the handicraft street stalls.

The nightlife is limited to the capital of Port Moresby. Some of the restaurants in the capital also provides for live music.

The Moitaka Wild life Farm carries out research on crocodiles and also has on display a few other animals and birds native to PNG. It is open every Friday.

The Varirata National Park, is the first national park of the country. You can explore the bounties of this park through the clearly marked walking trails.
This park provides an excellent introduction to birding in New Guinea, with good trails and open forest allowing us to see such specialities as Brown-headed Kingfisher and Raggiana Bird-of-paradise.

National Museum and Art Gallery is located on the slopes of Independence Hill, this traditionally designed museum houses an excellent collection of New Guinea art and cultural artefact.
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