The Castle of Obidos, a Jewel of Portugal

In Obidos, we have one of the seven wonders of Portugal. The castle and their medieval lines count some component of Portugals history.

Known by getting the Land of the Kings, the council of Obidos, that is about 80 kilometers from Lisbon city, is connected to the course of the foundation of the portuguese nation.

In 1148, Obidos was taken from the Moors, by the initial king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. Because then, that location was declared a single of the jewels of the crown of Portugal, not only by its vast patrimony, but also by the existent cultural dynamism.

The relevance of Obidos is not only that. The council counts with a vast historical patrimony, with monuments and tourist attractions, like the Door of the Town, Door of the valley or Nossa Senhora da Graca and Rua Direita.

Other exciting websites are the Church of Santa Maria, Church of Sao Pedro, Church of Sao Joao Baptista, Chapel of Sao Martinho, Church of the Mercy, Pillory and Telheiro, Church of Sao Tiago, Tiny chapel of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Little chapel of Nossa Senhora de Monserrate, in addition to the Aqueduct and of the Sanctuary of Senhor Jesus da Pedra.

The primary mark of that council is the castle of Roman origin. It was conquered by the Christians, in 1148.

Along the occasions, the castle was repaired and enlarged several occasions. In the century XX, was in total ruin, getting been recovered to install the Lodging that is the 1st a single of the State in historical creating.
Presently, Obidos and its Castle are some of the seven wonders of Portugal.

Obidos is also identified by its cultural dynamism. Numerous events try to keep in mind a little bit the previous of that town, like the Medieval Industry, Festival of Operates, International Festival of Chocolate, Obidos Town Christmas and Week Saint. These are the great events that attract about two million tourists per year to Obidos.

For who appreciates golf, Obidos is an excellence destiny. For 10 years ago, a single of the ideal fields of 18 holes of Europe was built, recognized internationally. These days, we have 5 new golf courses becoming built in the municipal district of Obidos.

If you prefer to visit the council in the summer season, Obidos nonetheless counts with the beaches of Bom Sucesso, Del Rei, Cortico and Covoes.
We also have the Obidos Lagoon, 1 of the most visited points by the vacationers.

The council of Obidos has nine freguesias: A-dos-Negros, Amoreira, Gaeiras, Sao Pedro, Santa Maria, Olho Marinho, Usseira, Sobral da Lagoa e Vau.

The Obidos village is known by being a single of the most significant attractions of Portugal.

Hope to meet you quickly in Obidos and the Silver Coast!