The Causes of Sudden Hair Loss Revealed and How to Reverse It

The causes of sudden hair loss can be due to a number of factors including stress, hormonal imbalance and illness. The good news is that you can restore lost hair naturally once you know the most effective ingredients to use, so here’s a brief guide to the best ones.

Generally the most likely causes of sudden hair loss is stress and poor diet. Patients undergoing chemotherapy will also tend to lose most of their hair quickly too.

If you are not using any strong medication there is generally no need to panic, as stress can affect hormonal changes which tend to revert to their normal levels later on. However, a continued poor diet will lead to more loss of hair and there are certain vitamins and minerals which can help.

One of the biggest causes of both male and female pattern baldness is DHT, a by-product of testosterone which gradually weakens the follicles leading to thinning.

Many natural nutrients can effectively block the DHT and help you to deal with stress at the same time.

The B group of vitamins, particularly B6 and Biotin are proven to help restore lost hair while keeping the remaining ones strong and healthy. Add to this zinc and magnesium and herb extracts Saw Palmetto and Nettle and you have a winning combination to help combat the causes of sudden hair loss.

The added bonus is that these will also promote your overall health and are especially helpful to men by maintaining prostate health.

There is no quick, miracle cure for hair loss despite what some companies would have you think, only a steady, natural solution to bring your body back into balance and return your full head of hair.

The recently FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil is also very effective at blocking DHT and encouraging the re-growth of healthy and strong hair.

If you look for these ingredients to combat the causes of sudden hair loss, you will be able to restore not only your hair but your confidence too.

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