The Common Places to Go to in Goa

Goa has constantly been a common tourist destination and attracts leisure seekers and honeymooners round the year especially from abroad. These tourists add an further charm to this quiet and laid back tourist hot spot. Goa travel guide is the perfect resource to discover out about all the crucial sights and attractions that this incredible state has to offer you. Goa is well-known for a lot of causes amongst vacationers like carnivals, shopping, beaches, wellness centers, forts, heritage internet sites etc.

Some of the common places to visit in Goa incorporate:

Old Forts: A part of history is nonetheless preserved in Goa through its forts. There are very a handful of forts that bear witness to Portuguese rule more than Goa. One particular of the ideal-preserved forts is the Aguada Fort, which was constructed among 1609 and 1612 to avoid enemy attacks. In truth out of all the forts that Portuguese constructed, this is the only fort that has not been conquered. Amongst the numerous locations to go to in Goa, another fort that deserves a particular mention is the Chapora Fort. Even though this fort is in ruin, it is worth going to this fort just to marvel at the spectacular views of Anjuna and Vagator Beaches.

Wellness Retreats

Goa is well-liked for its wellness retreats that supply a suite of holistic treatments. There are 5 star hotels with in-home spa and ayurvedic centers as effectively as person centers specializing in holistic and wellness therapies. The demand for wellness retreats has been on the rise with more travelers coming to Goa to experience full relaxation and rejuvenation. From a head or a foot massage right on the beach to an exclusive spa therapy at one particular of the state-of-the-art spas, Goa is the location to get pampered and experience rejuvenation.

Heritage Websites

Goa is not only about beaches, as there are quite a few heritage web sites that throw light on Goa’s history, culture and heritage. Old Goa has been designated as the World Heritage Web site and efforts are created constantly to preserve the old monuments and churches for future generations. Some of the most renowned churches and monuments that rank high among the areas to pay a visit to in Goa incorporate Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of St. Cajetan, Church of St. Augustine and Church of St. Francis of Assisi. One more heritage web site that need to not be missed is Ancestral Goa. Goa travel guide describes this place as a miniature Goan village. Situated on a 9acre hill, this village makes it possible for travelers to get pleasure from a glimpse of the past of what a Goan village utilized to be 100 years back.

Spice Plantations: Amongst the various areas to check out in Goa, the spice plantations need to prime the list. Goa’s geographical location along the Western Ghats has made ensured the soil is very fertile to develop different types of spices. Therefore, travelers will be shocked to see that beyond the beaches, Goa is also rich in spice cultivation. There are several spice plantations spread across the state. Some of the conduct tours for travelers and guests. A single can simply make a booking and visit 1 of the spice plantations where a detailed tour of the plantation is followed by a sumptuous lunch.