The Compact and Powerful Garmin Nuvi 1260T

Great news! Garmin is releasing exciting new GPS technology near the end of May that includes many new and enhanced features. If you’ve been waiting to get a GPS or are in the market to replace your existing model, this release is going to give you the choices you want at prices you can afford. The new 1200 line of models includes all of the great features from Garmin’s previous lines as well as several new additions. For example, the Garmin Nuvi 1260T is destined to become one of the most popular portable GPS systems to date with all of the features you are definitely going to want to check out.

The Garmin Nuvi 1260T contains all of the top-notch features that are on other 1200 models. It’s small and lightweight for easy portability, it has an easy-to-use touchscreen, clear, up-to-date maps, City Navigator North America, and millions of pre-loaded points of interest. You can get optional CityXplorer software for pedestrian use and a public transit mode to help you find the best ways to get around in the big cities. No matter whether you prefer to drive, walk, make use of mass transit, or a combination of all three, you’re going to love what the Nuvi 1260T can do for you.

The two things that set the 1260T apart from other models in the 1200 line are the ability to get free traffic information with the receiver that’s included in the package and Bluetooth technology which gives you hands-free mobile phone use with your compatible phone. If you’re tired of getting trapped in traffic tie-ups and would love to know ways around it, the traffic information feature will give you the heads up you need. It will tell you about road construction, accidents, major sporting events, and road closures and then help you plan ways to avoid them. As states become more conscientious about mobile cell phone hazards, the hands-free technology will allow you to field calls and still keep your hands on the wheel.

The new ecoRoute feature will help you save money by guiding you to your destination in ways that will use less gas. Utilizing road speed and vehicle acceleration data for different routes, it will figure the best way for you to go in order to have the best mpg. In addition, this feature offers fuel reports that monitor fuel consumption over a period of time and another that analyzes miles driven and gas consumption on a per trip basis. These functions can be customized by entering the expected fuel consumption of your car and the current price of gas. All of this information will give you an idea of ways that you can cut down fuel consumption and save money.

Of course, there are dozens of other handy features that have been included in the Garmin Nuvi 1260T. The unit is now available on and other websites, so by visiting one of these sites you can read a comprehensive list of all the features that are available with this model and then put in your order to have one delivered to you as soon as possible.