The Complete Crossover Clinic

Finally, you’re not alone in realizing the genius behind crossovers. The experts and avid crossover fans like you at have realized it, too, so they’re serving up everything you need to know about crossovers on their amazingly informative and up-to-date website. If you’re crazy about crossovers, is the perfect hangout spot for you.


It’s easy to see why so many people are into crossovers today. A crossover, also known as a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), is the harmonious synthesis of a car and an SUV. A CUV allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds as it has the superior handling and fuel economy of a car and the interior capacity and AWD capability of an SUV.


But as a crossover owner, you may have found that it’s hard to keep track of all the latest news and innovations for your vehicle. That’s over today. is jam-packed with all the crucial information about upcoming models, existing model updates and other fun articles about crossovers and compact SUVs. The site also has a clean look and easy navigation, so browsing is as easy as cruising through the city with your CUV.


One uniquely delightful section of is Crossover Marketing. As a crossover owner and overall automotive enthusiast, you probably enjoy auto ads—the messages they send and how auto makers ingeniously portray these messages. By clicking on the Crossover Marketing tab, you can now have a great time watching commercials and looking at print ads about crossovers in the comfort of your chair.


Other pages at are equally entertaining and useful. Do you want some tips on maintenance? Just click on the Crossover Care tab for expert maintenance instructions. Want to know about the most cutting-edge CUV equipment in the market or in the works? Head over to the CUV Equipment section. Aside from these, also has interesting pages on Upcoming CUVs, Featured Crossover Vehicles and Industry News among many others.


The cool thing about is that it doesn’t lack in the fun department. They have pages such as Movie Monday (where you can see trailers of films soon to hit theaters) and Celebrities and their CUVs (where you can read about how celebs like Nelly are also going gaga over CUVs). Talk about a complete crossover clinic! So cruise over to today and experience the genius and pleasures of the crossover like never before.