The Constitution Is Suspended By Egypt

As we can see from the news that it is said by the Supreme Council of Egypt’s armed services in dispatch No. 5 on Sunday that they will suspend the composition, dissolve the fan tan, and form a citizens committee to draft a new composition for the country.

It is said by the Egypt’s new armed forces leadership that would form a panel to amend the country’s composition before submitting the changes to a popular referendum.

As we have known something that they would dissolve the current fan tan formed after the elections in last November, when over 90 percent of the seats were collected by the ruling National Democratic Party, a rare majority in any country’s legislative body.

Meanwhile, the caretaker government will remain inward place for a six month impermanent period until elections take place, and it reports to the military supreme headquarters just like it had reported to President Hosni Mubarak before he stepped down.

It is reported on Sunday that the caretaker Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said in a telecasted press group discussion that the main priority of his cabinet is to restore security department in the country, after nearly three weeks of dissents.

He said that the first priority of this government is to mend certificate and to alleviate daily life for its citizens, I assure that this console will return rights to the people and fight the corruptness.

As we can see from the news that it is reported on Sunday the Supreme Council of the armed services is to ascertain the future and position of Mubarak-appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman, according to state news agency MENA.

In business district Cairo’s Tahrir Square, cars began moving across the carousel for the first time since the massive manifestation broke out. Some Egyptians were keeping victory, while others asking the people to leave.

On Sunday morning, soldiers roped in protestors who were continuing in the Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the across the country manifestation, in order to alleviate the flow of the traffic.

It is reported that people should remove of the Tahrir and start going to work, enough with the charges, we need to take our a people advancing. We took what we want enough.

As we can see from the news that the reports broadcast that some minor brushes between the army forces and protestors erupted. However, many attest ants said it was among the people themselves, and added together that the army has been trying to clean the area with others.

Just two days after President Mubarak resigned and withdrew to the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, the military affirmed that Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is the leader of the supreme council.

The armed forces also sought to reassure the whole world that they would lead a changeover to civilian rule and honor external allegiances, including a peace treaty with Israel.

However it is unclear yet how the armed forces will meet with confrontation leaders to start a negotiation. SABUNG AYAM
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