The correct way to view rejection

I use to think about rejections coming from women particularly personally. Let’s be honest, isn’t a rejection coming from a lady an indication that you aren’t adequate for this lady? Throughout the years I have already been refused every now and then, most of times I’d been fairly conscientious by just seducing and generating a move over the girls inside my social group. This resulted in a small number of steps and even lesser number of girlfriends. On one occasion I was in Texas and I became acquainted with a good looking chick in the gift shop. I was abruptly convincing my own self I was in real love together with her over the course of a twenty minute interaction and I had authored the girl a good-bye card following my holiday. When I called her too many times thereafter, one of the woman’s male friends picked up and mentioned I was creeping the girl out.

Soon after that I thought overall I couldn’t receive virtually any rejection ever again and wouldn’t approach any women for 6 months, despite the fact that there initially were many who entered my perspectives. My very own experience guided me to the attraction community and ever since then I have discovered that almost nothing in this personal life really can conquer an individual unless you in your mind acknowledge defeat. Such is a saying coming from Napoleon Hill and I use it here in order to illustrate the significance of possessing a powerful imagination. Not only for women, but for life-style.

Most of the time, ladies deny men for explanations we simply cannot know. It may have been just anything. The more rejections you will get the more signals you’ve got for which not to do. Think of it as a chance to learn. Just like enjoying minesweeper, you would like to avoid the related blunders you have been making that happen to be preventing you from a favorable outcome. Whether it’s sex, a permanent connection or maybe spousal relationship.

A denial through a gal can be a reference factor of what not to try and do, and the more reference point factors you have, the greater it is possible to move in direction of doing the right thing. Remember that men who do not approach females likewise are being refused. They are simply in denial. We will be regularly being judged by individuals as well as checking each other’s social benefit (whether consciously or without conscious thought). Therefore, isn’t it far better to be in control of what other people think about you rather than abandoning it to luck? Cry, speak with a buddy or write-up your feelings in a journal. Do whatever it takes so that you can really feel the pain.

After that, seize that momentum and direct it in direction of a route that builds on your characteristics. Ordinary energy exerted over a long period of time definitely will make incredible improvements for you, my friend. Best of luck,
Sabung Ayam


Victor Wooten – Isn't She Lovely VICTOR WOOTEN – AMAZING BASS SOLO |
Victor Lemonte Wooten is a unique human being. Born the youngest of five boys, he began learning to play music at the tender age of two. He started performing in nightclubs and theaters as the bassist with the family band at age five and at age six was on tour with The Wooten brothers opening shows for legendary soul artist Curtis Mayfield.

Fast forward a few decades, and we know Wooten as a 5-time Grammy Winner, a founding member of the Grammy award-winning band Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, the only multiple winner of Bass Player Magazine’s reader’s poll (3 times), voted one of the top ten bassists of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, and having won just about every award awarded to a bassist, but this only represents a portion of who Victor Wooten really is.

Many know Victor the musician, but it should also be known that, in his youth, Wooten organized a 2 year student run safety patrol to help rid his high school of violence, and upon graduation, expanded the organization to help the neighboring cities. He received a special award for being one of the top graduating African American students in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and was also offered a scholarship to play soccer at a local college.

Currently, Wooten is a published author, an acclaimed teacher, a naturalist who enjoys teaching about the world we live in, a sought after lecturer, runs a non-profit organization, and is an entrepreneur among other things. A few years ago, Victor and his wife purchased nearly 150 acres of land near Nashville, TN and built a retreat center with the sole purpose of helping kids and adults improve their lives. A few years later, in order to be in complete control of his own music, Wooten formed a record label called VIX Records. In addition to all of this, he continues to record and perform with artists such as Béla Fleck, Chick Corea, The Dave Matthews Band, SMV (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten), and his brothers, as well as with his own band – The Victor Wooten Band.

Wooten, a loving husband and father of four, is a person dedicated to using what he has achieved to help those around him. He credits his parents and brothers with given him not only the skills to reach success but also the mindset necessary for successfully dealing with it, as well as the wisdom and aspiration to help others achieve their own successes.

In response to multiple requests for Victor to write a music instruction book, Wooten took a different approach by writing a story instead. His novel, The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music (Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin USA Inc.), has quickly become a “must-read” book for musicians worldwide. Through this book, which shares his unique outlook on music and life, Wooten has helped educate and inspire thousands of people of all ages whether they are musicians or not, teachers or students, professionals or novices. The Music Lesson offers a natural path to music, life, and creativity and has been translated into four additional languages.

Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature ( is a not-for- profit organization through which Wooten holds music, nature, and other educational programs throughout the year. Wooten Woods (, a retreat center near Nashville, TN, is the home for all of Victor’s camps. Wooten Woods contains nearly 150 lush picturesque acres and is situated alongside the scenic Duck River, one of the world’s most bio-diverse rivers.

As well as teaching and inspiring people through his books, camps, videos, and workshops, Victor was hired in 2015 by Berklee College of Music as a Performance Scholar in Residence. Now, as one of the newest faculty members, Wooten teaches at the school every month and is the co-director of the Victor Wooten/Berklee Summer Bass Program, which runs every summer.