The Dangers That Volcanoes Pose

From the dawn of man, natural disasters have occurred at any given moment. Often times they come without warning and sometimes they do, but the results are always the same: death, devastation, sorrow, hunger, and sometimes even hope for a new tomorrow. In the United States, natural events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are very common while other parts of the world do not ever experience tornadoes or hurricanes. Likewise, none of the states in the US, with the exception of Hawaii, has to witness and experience the turmoil brought about by volcanic activity.

Volcanoes may be a beautiful sight to behold but they are dangerous and can often turn deadly. There is usually some time for inhabitants to evacuate the area where the volcano will erupt but often times it is not always the case. Sometimes it erupts in the middle of the night and dawns upon unsuspecting victims, taking lives in an instant. Then there are times when inhabitants are unscathed and the only things that are damaged are their homes. Sometimes the volcano will only take but a few lives and other times it will take thousands upon thousands of lives.

In Tambora, Indonesia in the year 1815, a recorded 92,000 deaths were the result of a volcano that erupted. Because the lava scorched crops and killed livestock and other animals, the result was devastating and ended in starvation. Some 14,300 deaths were recorded in Unzen, Japan in 1792 as a result of a volcano collapsing, thus causing a tsunami. In Lamington, Papua New Guinea, approximately 2942 people were killed in 1951 as a result of the flowing ash. Events like this serve as reminders of how quickly a life can be taken away.

It is important for all residents that live in or around volcanoes to be aware of activity and to be prepared. The difference between being prepared and not caring about any potential eruptions can very well mean the difference between life and death. Any residents that live around volcanoes should have an emergency evacuation plan. Whenever a volcano is about to erupt, the area should be evacuated immediately and when a volcano is in full swing, residents should seek higher ground if unable to evacuate the area immediately. In a few instances, people have perished because they did not take heed to warnings and did not seek higher ground or evacuate when they were supposed to.
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