The Development Of New Road Paint Coating Industry Attempted To Develop A New Model – Paint,

January 26, from China Paint Shenyang Summit news came, my Paint Upgrade the industry to vigorously promote industrial restructuring, and actively try new mode of development of the industry. At present, Shenyang Chemical industry Park has been with the China Feed Industry Association Cooperation Planning a 3 square kilometers of high-end industrial area of green paint, not only for Shenyang, and modern equipment manufacturing Building Industrial facilities, will also hit the Northeast caused the largest industrial base of green paint. Experts said the construction of professional associations in the park and help raise the overall level of the industry, and ultimately the government, industry, business win-win situation.

China Coating Industry Association SUN Lian-ying said the paint industry association involved in the construction of park has great advantages, can achieve a unified plan and unified the “three wastes” treatment, testing and development of uniform, uniform standards for industrial parks, as well as the formation of upstream and downstream closed-loop industrial chain.

Coatings Association, said the Secretary-General Wang Yue-kun, coatings industry to achieve the Zone Management Will help reduce management costs, help reduce pressure on the environment and safety, is conducive to the convergence of upstream and downstream industry chain and matching is beneficial rational allocation of resources is conducive to pollution control, favor the implementation of circular economy is conducive to the formation of industry Clusters bring brand.

Shenyang Chemical Industry Park, planning and construction began in 2005, the overall goal is to construct Oil Chemical, chlor-alkali chemicals, fine chemicals, rubber Glue Five core products, and coal chemical industry, led the integration of upstream and downstream industries, ecological resources, technology and modern management of new chemical industrial base in Northeast China. Which, fine chemicals, chemical industry, new materials, especially high-end of green paint Shenyang Chemical Industry Park is the focus of development. At present, Shenyang Chemical Industry Park has been the introduction of the 61 major projects, with a total investment of 32.3 billion yuan, China Sinochem Group, SK Group and Kumho Group, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have been settled. The Association with the construction of high-end coating of green paint industry area, will focus on the introduction of high-performance, high decorative, high-tech, low-pollution coating project to boost the Northeast building industry, equipment manufacturing and modern development.

It is understood that many parts of the country are planning and construction of industrial parks, including coatings, including the fine chemical industry park, including new construction and expansion of the coating zone with Guangdong Shaoguan Wu Jiang, Xinfeng, Chengdu Suxian, Chongzhou Xianghe, Hebei Province, City, Hubei Province, etc. Coating Association will be based around the different features of different ways to participate in the construction of these parks, so as soon as possible the new paint industry cluster.

The forum is organized by the Chinese Coating Industry Association, Shenyang Economy and Information Technology Commission, jointly organized by Shenyang Chemical Industry park management committee and other contractors. SABUNG AYAM