The e-books Take a Great Change

According to Forrester, the sales of e-books in America are about $ 1 billion in 2010 and expected to reach $ 3 billion in 2015.One consumer almost spend $ 60 on e-books every year.


With the coming of holidays and the fast sales of e-books, the total amount of e-books will reach 10 million dollars. It is a good year for e-books in 2010. According to the data from Association of American Publishers, the total sales of e-books have increased in 193% and it keeps rising. In the summer of 2010, the sales of e-books on Amazon have exceeded the paper books. Last month, announced that the sales of its Kindle e-books have exceed the best-selling paper books. The proportion is 2 to 1,


According to the survey of market from McQuivey says: from the adults who have reading habit, there are at least 7% of them reading e-books. However, just because of the 7% readers, more and more other paper readers inclined to read e-books. They read most, so they spend most on books. Ordinary e-book readers have read 41% of the books by digital tools, including the readers who do not have a digital tool. Those who read by Kindle or some other tools have read 66% books by the form of digit.


According to McQuivey, once they start reading e-books instead of traditional printing books, they will be addicted. That means it will be smoothly for them to transfer the paper books to e-books. He also predicted: “the e-books will become the most digital business in all the media after rapid development of the high-tech.”


However, the new benefit brought by e-books makes the embarrassment for the writers. In the past, if the price of a book is $ 28, the publisher can get $ 14 and the writer only gets $ 4.2. But in the e-books, if the price of a book is $ 12.99, the publisher will get 70%, i.e. namely $ 9.09 and the author can get 25% of income, namely 2.27.


The result of the comparison is: the profit that the author can get from the sale of an e-book is only slightly higher than he or she sells it to the paper readers. Some experts say that the low price of e-books may drive the sales of all kinds of books. But if it can compensate the decline of the paper books remains to be seen.


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