The E7 By Nokia Is A Competent All Rounder

The Nokia E7 is one of the manufacturers most eagerly anticipated handsets to date. Boasting the utmost versatility thanks to innovative hardware and versatile software, it is likely to prove ideal for many kinds of user upon its upcoming release.

The Nokia E7 has it all. 8 MP camera, web browser, media player, it really offers something for everyone. Combining a touchscreen and full slide out keyboard in one phone means it is equally at home surfing the internet, or being used to send emails and SMS messages in a flash.

The handset itself looks great and offers a great choice in a time when phones are also seen as fashion statements, especially given the fact that a number of colour variants are available. The handset is certainly pocket friendly for a phone which has a separate keyboard unit. A 4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen dominates the front of the unit. This displays up to 16 million individual colours within its pixel count of 360x 640, resulting in stunning image display.

Ringing works alongside the standard vibration function in order to alert users to incoming calls, messages and social networking notifications. MP3 and WAV files can also be assigned for these functions, meaning users have a degree of freedom when it comes to customising the phone.

A generous 16GB of internal storage is provided as standard within the Nokia E7. This is sure to prove ample to the needs of 99% of users, and means that thousands of files can be stored in the phone, so you have the files you need, whenever you need them. Many will choose to keep their digital music collection on the phone, whilst others will take advantage of its MS Office documents viewer, and store their documents in the phone so they can stay productive when out of the office.

GPRS and EDGE in class 32 versions provide the handset with its initial means of connection to cellular networks and the internet in areas with little or no 3G coverage. In areas where 3G is available, an HSDPA connection gives a fast and reliable internet connection at speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps. If you have the appropriate access to local wireless networks, you can enjoy an enhanced browsing experience thanks to Wi-Fi.

An 8 megapixel digital camera makes the Nokia E7 a competitive cameraphone in an age when each release seems to offer more megapixels and features than the last. The unit on the E7 is a high performance camera yet easy to use. It comes with a selection of image enhancing tools, as well as dual-LED flash and face recognition for easy photo taking. The ability to shoot HD video is also included, in 720p quality.

The Symbian^3 operating system works in conjunction with a 680MHz processor to provide a great platform for expansion and customisation and users can download apps from the Ovi store, meaning the sky is the limit in terms of versatility.

So there you have it; The Nokia E7 is a powerful all rounder which is sure to please everyone from smartphone newbies to gadget enthusiasts.
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