The Easy Way To Tighten Pores

Large pores on the face lead to blemishes and breakouts around the forehead, nose and chin. Tightening or shrinking pores is the logical solution to help keep your skin looking its best.

There are several ways to tighten your pores. You can purchase clay masks, or use skin toners or astringents to shrink your pores. You can also try a few different items you’ll find around the house for a quick and easy solution.

Heat expands, cold shrinks. You should always wash your face with warm to hot water to open your pores and allow the cleaner to penetrate. However, you should rinse with cold water (as cold as you can stand). Rinsing your face with cold water is especially important if you’ve been exposed to heat, such as from the sun, or if you work in a hot environment, such as a factory or a kitchen. Whenever you subject your skin to heat, remember to follow up with cold.

Some foods have natural skin tightening properties and are great for shrinking pores. Lemon is especially helpful due to its acidic nature. Some people rub a lemon wedge over their face, while others mix a few drops of lemon juice with water to create a natural astringent.

A couple of drops of lemon juice mixed with egg whites is a fantastic skin tightening mask. Peel off after about fifteen minutes and rinse any leftover residue with cold water. If your skin is dry, adding a little milk will provide some moisturizing as well.

There are plenty of options to reduce pores that you can try at home. Freshwater sponge in a diluted gel works great before bed, and any redness it causes will be gone by morning. You can also try herbal ice, using chamomile, mint or green tea. Rub it onto your skin after you wash your face to tone your skin and close the pores.

Rosewater is great for reducing inflammation along with shrinking large pores. You could also create your own mixture of essential oils, such as mint or lemon and create your own mask.

Keeping your face fresh and blemish free starts with tight pores that won’t trap oil and dirt. These quick and simple solutions make it easy to shrink your pores at home, leaving you with beautiful skin.