The EU’s privacy watchdog had criticized the plans to grant police, access to Europe’s database of asylum seekers fingerprints.

He stated that just simply because the information had currently been collected, it need to not be used for one more goal which could have a far-reaching negative influence on the lives of men and women. To intrude upon the privacy of folks and threat stigmatising them necessary to be supported by strong justification and the commission had basically not supplied adequate cause why asylum seekers need to be singled out for such treatment.

The fingerprint tech, called as EURODAC, has been used by authorities in the EU given that 2003. Its original objective was to support identify third-country nationals* who didn’t have any ID documents but who could have previously lodged asylum applications in another member state.

But in Could this year, the Eurocrats proposed to “boost” the EURODAC method by opening it up to law enforcement agencies in the EU to aid cops avoid, detect and investigate significant crime and terrorist offences.

At the time, the commissioner for home affairs Cecilia Malmström claimed that extending the system’s usage to the police was to be done “under very limited and certain circumstances to make fingerprint checks against the EURODAC database”.

She had added that the searches was going to be carried out only following police in all the 27 member states had utilized all indicates at their disposal on a national level without having obtaining any results.

Strong safeguards have been introduced to guarantee that there was complete respect provided to the fundamental rights and of privacy and in order to make certain that the appropriate to asylum was not in any way adversely affected, Malmström said.

But the EDPS was not pleased with plain assurances and had warned that the commission had to offer solid proof to assistance claims that the EURODAC database need to be opened up to police forces across the Union meaning people who have been in transit and / or applying visas in countries that have been not their country of origin, in order to travel to another country which was not their nation of origin.
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