The Extent Of Agricultural Water-saving Potential?

Although the industrial water, city water and the prevalence of Rural Drinking Water saving space, but the press recently with the “water saving in China” Central News interview team learned in the interview, even if the wet areas and economically developed southern regions, the first water Agriculture is still big, but also the largest agricultural water saving potential.

According to Ministry of Water Resources Deputy Director of Rural Water Yuan-Hua Li, at present China’s agricultural water use accounts for about 64% of the total water consumption, water use efficiency is only about 45% effective. If the irrigation water use efficiency increased by 10% to 15% less irrigation water per year is about 60 billion to 80 billion cubic meters. Accelerate the water-saving agriculture, to ease the deteriorating situation of water resources in China hope for.

Yuan-Hua Li said, through the construction of water-saving irrigation, irrigation water use efficiency in China by the “Eighth Five-Year” at the end of less than 40% to 45% now. In irrigation water use does not increase the basic case, the effective irrigation area from 7.56 million mu in 1995 to develop 8.48 million mu in 2005. By water engineering measures, management measures and agricultural practices, and create more than 200 billion cubic meters of annual water-saving ability, to effectively alleviate the national water supply and demand.

“Although the proportion of agricultural water decreased in recent years, but agriculture still is the first major water users, more than 90% of agricultural water for irrigation, agricultural use of water resources directly related to national security.” Yuan-Hua Li analysts say, China surface irrigation accounts for about 98% of the total irrigated area, soil drainage for more than 95% of the country on a two-thirds of the irrigated area is very extensive irrigation methods, irrigation water use is low, is currently the main battlefield of our water is water The potential of.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture subsequently, An interview with reporters, said that at present drought areas of crops in China every year about 4 million hectares, 1.8 million hectares of inundated area, because of the drought losses of about 30 billion kilograms of grain. At the same time, due to inefficient water use, water in our average production of grain per cubic meter of 1 kg of grain per mu production per mm of precipitation is 0.5 kilograms, were only half the level in developed countries. Experts estimated that by promoting water-saving agricultural technology, irrigation water if the food production efficiency 0.1 kg per cubic meter, dry area of food production per mm of precipitation efficiency 0.1 kg per mu, can increase the production capacity of 50 billion kg of grain above, the equivalent of Henan Province, annual grain output in 2006.

An analysis of the DPRK crisis also said that if the rational use of existing water resources in the Sanjiang Plain can add production capacity of 17.5 billion kg of grain, northern Xinjiang, can add 10 billion kilograms, of Northeast West can add more than 3 billion kilograms. “Thus, to solve the efficient use of water resources for improving the overall grain production capacity, to ensure food security is of great significance.” He said.

According to Yuan-Hua Li introduced the “Eleventh Five-Year” period of China’s agricultural water conservation objectives are: total amount of irrigation water to maintain 360 billion cubic meters; new water-saving irrigation area of 1.59 million mu; additional 25 billion kg of grain production; form of agriculture water capacity of 20 billion cubic meters; irrigation water use efficiency increased from 45% to 50% of normal year by the 424 cubic meters per mu of irrigation water down to 410 cubic meters per mu per mu. Water user participation in irrigation management to achieve effective irrigation area of more than 25%.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Water Resources, “Eleventh Five-Year” period, the overall start since 1998, has not yet started a large-scale irrigation districts and water reform, the basic completion of 65 large-scale Irrigation District Water missions, basically completed 480 focus on medium-sized water-saving irrigation of the key projects the task of transformation; the same time, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, start the water-scarce regions and major grain producing areas 1 to 5 mu mu medium-sized water-saving irrigation of Corollary transformation of 8 to 10 years to fully solve the serious water shortage on the local agricultural production conditions and living conditions of farmers constraints to accelerate local industrial restructuring in rural areas. SABUNG AYAM