The Fairness Doctrine Isn’t Fair at All

The Democrats ‘fairness doctrine’ was recently defeated. It’s intent was to shove a foot down the throat of every conservative radio talk show host. It will likely reappear in the future. In the meantime, consider this… while conservative talk radio reaches a small segment of the population every week, there is an enormous disproportionate liberal message that reaches most Americans.

Presently in the U.S., there are approximately12,250 radio stations and
1,745 broadcast television stations. The vast majority offer up a decidedly anti-Republican, anti-conservative and anti-Bush message on a daily basis. There is no argument against this because all one has to do is sit in front of any local television newscast or any radio newscast and the message is clearly pro-liberal.

According to Nielsen, there are 111.4 million television households in the U.S. (283.5 million actual viewers). The number of African-American TV households will grow by 66% between now and 2050 and the number of Hispanic TV households will grow by 167%. There groups traditionally vote Democratic. While most people watch at least some television every week, the dominant message on television is controlled by the greatest number of players.

Fox Television Broadcasting covers only about 38% of U.S. households. CBS, NBC and ABC combined cover 93%. Liberals always point to Fox as being a conservative outlet for news and views. They mix up the entertainment programming on Fox with the news reporting division. Fox is made up of many employees from other networks who are self-professed liberals. You won’t find that in the other networks. And while Fox’s entertainment shows are largely conservative, it’s local affiliate news programming is not.

PBS, on the other hand, reaches 100 million viewers each week. PBS’s content is overwhelmingly liberal and pro-Democrat. It feeds programming to an additional 350 non-commercial TV stations. PBS produces shows like ‘Frontline’ which attempts to find conspiracy theories and Republican corruption in almost every episode. In the one segment that produced a decidedly pro-conservative message, the producers aired it after the commentator died and then produced a rebuttal at the end.

Much of PBS’s funding comes from colleges and universities that are publicly funded and incubators for liberal philosophy and propaganda. PBS caters to their agenda with programming and reporting that feeds the growing number of liberal minded students that these institutions turn out. Public radio has an additional 600 affiliated stations. NPR is the darling of those on the far left. It also reaches millions weekly.

While the vast majority of Americans are spoon-fed a liberal viewpoint daily through thousands of news outlets, we would be remiss if we overlooked the influence of thousands more daily newspapers in cities and towns throughout the U.S.

According to an article in TIME magazine last year, 85% of adults in the U.S. each week either read a newspaper or read that paper’s website. The editorial content in major newspapers leans heavily left.

CNN broadcasts their programming, not just in the U.S., but throughout the world. It is no mystery to anyone that CNN’s newscasts are strongly liberal in content. Just the same, their version of the news is the official version to millions worldwide.

Anyone who is old enough to receive the two primary publications from AARP recognizes one fact. While the organization for seniors vows bipartisanship, their written communications are anything but. In nearly every issue of their bi-monthly AARP Magazine and their monthly AARP Bulletin, you will find a Democratic politician on the cover and the articles are always anti-Republican and pro-Democrat regardless of the issue discussed. A recent piece on Laura Bush and her message about woman and heart disease was one of the few that painted anyone in the Bush White House in a positive light.

The NEA sends more than 90% of their political contributions to the Democratic party according to official records. Their message to their membership via their official publications is completely pro-Democrat, anti-Bush.

In the current issue of their flagship magazine, NEA Today, an article about the future of public education lambastes President Bush’s ‘no child left behind’ program and speculates that it won’t be around much longer. They refer to the requirements of the program as ‘test-heavy’ without pointing out that it has actually raised test scores across the country. Their thousands of members get one message from the national association. The NEA is not alone is this one-sided view passed along to members. Everyone knows that the AFL-CIO is a major supporter of the Democrats and their membership gets one side of the issues also.

Yahoo and Google offer up news pages to millions more Americans who use the two top search engines. A quick perusal of their headlines and stories makes clear one disturbing trend. The content is almost entirely pro-Democrat, pro-liberal and anti-conservative. The current Yahoo homepage includes these news headlines: Bush-Putin meeting has no set agenda and Obama raises $ 32.5 million for campaign. The daily message is much the same as these two headlines; the successful Democrat, the unorganized Republican.

Reuters and AP provide news wire stories to publications across America. They are the major sources for newspaper, radio and television newscasts. While their content isn’t completely biased, it is decidedly pro-Democrat and pro-liberal also. A review of their stories and viewpoint is disturbing.

So we have the Democratic leadership in the congress proposing a ‘fairness doctrine.’ And what does this imply? Are they telling Americans that because Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have a national radio audience that opinion expressed through these two shows creates an imbalance in the message America hears? This is the scam that the Democrats have perpetuated on Americans, with compliance from the major media outlets.

What is not ‘fair’ is the overwhelming pro-liberal, pro-Democrat message that comes from the head of every classroom in public schools, every major newspaper delivered to millions of American homes, every local and national television newscast and every major trade and association newsletter. Americans are bombarded with a plethora of left-wing viewpoints every time they turn on a television, pick up a newspaper, turn on their computer or review their association newsletter.

What we need is some balance that counters the left wing message that is affixed in front of us as a nation. While we cheered the end of the former Soviet Union and it’s state run media, we ignore the propaganda that is swaying opinion in our own country today. Liberal opinion is reported as fact by thousands of media outlets, and we’re supposed to shut down conservative talk radio?

Perhaps the only true fairness doctrine would be one that increased the conservative message by a thousand percent. Only then would Americans, and the world, get real news that is fairly balanced.

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