The fashion in hairstyles

In ancient times, beautiful women were determined according to three criteria: shiny hair, well looking hands and nails and well-groomed clothes. Today, this “former” ideal has become a kind of everyday standard, but the beauty of the modern woman is measured largely in the context of its own and unique style. When it refers to the question of hairstyles, it is always valid the postulate that the beautiful hair is the well maintained one. Only in this case new opportunities arise and both interesting and trendy hairstyles can be applied. This article shares some current trends in hairstyles in 2011, and tips that hopefully, will be helpful for you.

This year the casual line in haircuts and hairdos leads the catwalk, despite the wide range of fashion trends and variety of styles. It is obviously an echo of the fashion trends in clothes, which bring the fashion back to the 1960s.

The high volume of the hair on the crown and pronounced asymmetry are also among the trends of 2011. It will be a big hit the casual style, reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot hairdo, together with the ponytail. The ponytail may be located in the back of the head or around the ears to underline the asymmetry again.

The woman, who wants to look romantic, traditionally chooses the long and wavy hair. The ladies who want to show high-class style usually tie their long hair or cut them to make easier the hairdo. It is well know that elegant and well-arranged hairdos can always highlight female elegance and good style. Undeniable femininity and stylishness can be obtained with the so-called French braid. It belongs to the group of hairdos of casual elegance. If you decide to lay out the horizontal extension of the braided hair on your head like a diadem, you will enter not only in ancient Greek style, but in the style of Hollywood stars, who often choose this type of hairdo for special events.

For ladies with oval shape of their faces it is recommended smooth hair that is framed around the face. However, in 2011 the retro chick of 1930’s with its rich curls is very trendy. Expressed cheekbones will be more attractive, surrounded by the always stylish curly hair. With its wild charm the curls give confidence to the woman’s appearance in the fashion world.

All girls who want to look strong and decisive can go for hair that is short and its free edges are formed in different directions. Eccentric and asymmetric hair always attracts attention. The spectacular short hair has different variations and it will make you look younger and sexy.

Casual style and vision are especially suitable for young girls. Leave your hair free as the wind and combine it with the very modern boho style or classical look of jeans and t-shirt. The accessories for decoration of hair are very important: ornamental flowers, ribbons, and beads. It is good to know that the individuality of your hairstyle may even highlight your personal qualities and emotions.
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