The Fast and Easy Ways to Build Up Your eBay Reputation

Basically your eBay feedback is everything. Without good feedback, you have no business. Let’s imagine you are the buyer now. Do you feel more comfortable buying from a powerseller that have high and consistent feedbacks? Or you like to buy from an average seller that has low feedback ratings? I think the answer is very obvious.

Buying from a trusted seller with thousands of positive feedbacks give most buyers peace of mind & a sense of security.

Poor Feedback Will Cost You Lots Of Sales

When a buyer gives you a negative feedback, it will be shown at the top of your feedback page. It will scare away your other potential buyers. If this had happened, try to offer a full refund and ask for mutually feedback withdrawal.

You don’t the negative feedback to affect your future sales.

If the buyer refuses to withdraw the negative feedback, try to sell some cheap products to get some positive feedbacks. It may take you days or weeks to cover back your overall ratings, but you still have to do it.

Good Feedback Will Generate Lots Of Sales

When a Powerseller with good and consistent positive feedback trying to sell an item. I feel more confident buying from him even though his price is a bit more expensive compare to other normal sellers.

Because I know Powersellers will keep their promises in order to keep their reputations. They are not going to risk their hard earn reputation.

Once you understand this, you must work consistently to build up your positive feedbacks.

Here are some easy and simple to follow techniques:

Always answer your buyer’s email within 24 hours. Send follow up email after you have shipped their products. Send another follow email after a few days to ask whether they have received their products, how is the condition of the product, are they satisfied with their purchase.

This shows that you are a very professional seller. You care for them; you really go all your way out to serve and to help them. In return you will get more positive feedbacks.

And of course, more positive feedbacks will leads to more sales.

Conclusion, you will find selling on eBay so much easier, and the only way to get a good reputation is to make sure you serve your customers well every time.