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] Reying the 3D movie recently set off a worldwide audience on the 3D Entertainment’s boundless enthusiasm and strong desire. Just bring us much-anticipated 3D experience of the next shock, the global
Sony BRAVIA leading brand in turn 3D entertainment, hot climate to a new climax. From March 19, 2010 start, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. located in North
Xintiandi the “SonyStyle” Sony’s flagship store selling experience the latest 3D display TV, now on to the store, customers can experience 3D television entertainment close-shock perception.

3D or three-dimensional image, because people’s eyes, a slightly different angle of observation of objects, so objects near and far to identify, produce three-dimensional vision. 3D TV is using this principle, the left and right eyes see images of separation, resulting in ready to come out of the three-dimensional event horizon, and because of this immersive 3D visual effects make the consumer highly respected entertainment.

Media experience 3D television Sony

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To create extraordinary entertainment experience for users, Sony released the world’s 3D TV program has already started. According to Sony (China) Co., Ltd. Home Products Division Manager shows clever introduction, the current in the “SonyStyle” Sony store display sales experience is BRAVIAKDL-52L
00 technology demonstration samples. Site provided by the consumer as long as Peidaisuoni 3D glasses to watch 3D immersive images (source and display devices need to support the film).

As a global heavyweight in the business, Sony has always attached great importance to the Chinese market and increase its brand influence in China. Experience in the media conference, smart not only introduces 3D Sony in the global market promotion program, while showing the audience a wealth of 3D video content, so viewers are feast for the eyes. According to sources, the upcoming new release of 3D TV, also will be sold in the domestic market this summer to meet Chinese consumers pursuit of 3D entertainment experience.

As a global family
Industry leader, has been, Sony has always focused on providing the perfect home entertainment solutions, hardware products and content to promote
Synchronous development. Earlier this year’s CES show, Sony announced that it would vigorously promote the process of 3D families, to accelerate the field of 3D technology in Sony products in various applications and promotion. It is brilliant in this show briefing, in addition to BRAVIA LCD TV, 2010, Sony will support the global launch of 3D technology
Player. At the same time, Sony will also be enriched by a variety of channels, sources of 3D chip market, to ensure that users can enjoy 3D entertainment brought all-round sensory experience. From the content service to the family with a full set of electronic products, Sony quickly set up a complete 3D industrial chain, industrial chain in this support and promotion, Sony will open a new consumer home entertainment lifestyle, triggered by the 3D technology of a family
Entertainment changes are quietly rising, driven by Sony. SABUNG AYAM