The Forex Blog: An Essential Complement To Any Trading Service

Most traders, when signing up with a trading service, look for the obvious things: low spreads, accurate execution, comfortable platform, good support etc. However, most traders also overlook other complimentary services offered by their trading provider, even though these services may prove essential to their success in the markets. One such service is the forex blog. You might think that a forex blog is just a nice little perk thats not really crucial to your performance as a trader, after all, if your provider doesnt have their own forex blog you can always find one online. But you would be wrong, because having access to a forex blog thats specific to your provider can give you major advantages.

Lets focus on the example of, a forex blog operated by the eToro trading platform. provides traders with:
* Daily and weekly market reviews.
* In depth technical analysis of economic data.
* Reports on financial events.
* Feature articles about macro-trends and individual instruments.

So far, you might say that you can get this kind of information on any blog, doesnt matter if its operated by your provider or not. But here comes the difference:

Covering all instruments
First of all, provides market information on all the instruments traded at eToro (forex, commodities, indices) so theres no need to look for separate sources of news for each instrument category.
Market information accessible to everyone

Secondly, seeing as the blog is part of the eToro service which focuses on user-friendliness and ease of access to the markets, the information in the blog is conveyed in simple direct language, without complicated market lingo, so that it can be understood by anyone.
Beneficial product updates
The third major advantage is that the eToro blog not only provides readers with valuable market analysis, but it also brings them news about the eToro platform itself so that the readers can keep up to date with whats new in the market and also whats new in their trading service at the same time.

Available in 7 languages
And finally, because the eToro platform has a huge international trader community, the blog is available in 7 different languages.
As you can see, all these trader benefits are only possible because the eToro platform operates its own blog,, which is directly suited to the specific needs and characteristics of eToro traders. eToros example should serve as motivation for other forex trading providers to offer their traders those extra features that may elevate their trading to a new higher level.