The Forum Will Promote The Development Of China’s Yacht Industry

“International Tourism in Hainan Island, the favorable situation, the sea’s unique natural conditions and government incentives for economic development is the greatest advantage yacht!” Recently, the China Communications and Transportation Association of Cruise Yacht Chapter Vice President and Secretary General Cheng Wei Hang, in accepting Hainan Daily News reporter, says.

In recent years, many Chinese cities along the coast or inland cities are in full swing yacht economic development, but “yacht economy” that words really mean?

Cheng Wei Hang, said: “Yacht’s economy and car with the economy, is a very long chain, contains more than a dozen industries. From its upstream industry, this means the manufacturing sector, including the raw materials industry, research and development industry, design industry, etc. and so on; and its downstream industries, namely consumer sector, include the maintenance industry, training industry, service industry, tourism industry and so on. in accordance with the international view, yacht industry with other industries 1:10, pulling effect. “

Cheng Wei Hang that, relative to other cities, the Hainan Development yacht started late, but much room for development, has a unique advantage after. For example, you can early planning marina and coastline, reserved in public areas walk less in the construction of some detours; also can build an international tourist island of Hainan, the policy advantages, try to take the lead in navigation, immigration, trade, bonded, marine and use of the island has formulated a reasonable approach.

“The coastline is not copied, so the development of a regional industrial planning is necessary, otherwise they will appear in the process in the development of an imbalance. Haikou yacht in other cities should learn from the development experience, attention to this issue.” Zheng Wai Hang very sincerely the development of yacht industry in Hainan own proposals.

2010 will be held in Haikou International Yacht Economic Forum on the theme, Cheng Wei Hang described it as a pleasure craft industry, the annual event. Cheng Wei Hang pleased to reporters, said: “this forum from the size, specifications and results, impact on the run, are certainly yacht industry in China, the history of a!”

Cheng Wei Hang told reporters that the current economic topics Haikou International Yacht During the Forum, also announced the formation of collaborative alliances in China Yacht Club, also released the “China Boat Industry (Haikou) Declaration” and “2009 – 2010 China Industry Development Report yacht” . These will be bound to the development of China’s yacht significant influence over industry has become a milestone in the industry. Cheng Wei Hang, said: “I expect the economy of China’s yacht industry will be thriving 20 years after the development of the situation!”

As the Association of Cruise Yacht Transport Branch, Vice President and Secretary General, Cheng Wei Hang chaired branch daily work, the development of China’s multi-yachts around, and made a lot of constructive ideas, the industry as the first person of Chinese yacht industry. The final interview, Cheng Wei Hang humbly said: “I am not what the industry’s biggest names, just a standard-bearer, the purpose of our association mission is to let the Chinese boat tour up!” He also specifically explained to reporters: “The so-called swim , consists of three means: first, to make boats in the country through Jiangda Hai; Second, let the tour boats come in from abroad; the third, but also to China’s boat tour to the world! ” SABUNG AYAM