The Good And Bad Of Breast Augmentation

Why do women want breast augmentation? There are many reasons, most of which are highly dependent on the individual. Some women want a more balanced figure while others just desire to look more womanly. Then there are some who just wish shopping would be easier. Regardless of the reasons, there are both positives and negatives to this procedure.

There are many positive aspects to undergoing a breast augmentation. The biggest and most important one for most women is increased confidence and self-esteem. Many women with smaller chests feel uncomfortable with their appearance, less womanly, or not attractive towards the opposite sex. Breast augmentation can help them feel more comfortable with their sexuality and figure, allowing themselves to open up more not only to men but to the public in general. They may feel better about wearing different types of clothing and will exude more confidence in their carriage and interactions. This not only pertains to attracting others, but to having more power in careers and life in general.

Another reason why many women consider breast augmentation is to better fill out clothing and balance their figure. The hour-glass physique is generally considered ideal among females, and many with larger hips and a smaller chest feel out of proportion. Finding clothing that fits may be more difficult as the designs are not tailored to suit a wide variety of body shapes.

It can help make clothing shopping a breeze and women find they no longer are as limited in their options. Before they may have had to buy clothing to minimize their lower body or worn such cumbersome items as padded, push-up bras to give the illusion of cleavage. With a breast augmentation, many of these problems will disappear, making shopping and wearing a variety of clothing a joy.

Having the surgery done can also help make your overall body appear slimmer. Many women with wider hips or a wide waist and small breasts will find that a more balanced figure is much more flattering and gives the illusion of less weight. In fact, many studies have shown that it isn’t so much the overall size of a woman that is attractive, but rather how proportionate her measurements are to one another. That means that a larger woman with breasts to match will be deemed just as desirable as a woman who is overall petite.

There are some disadvantages to having the procedure that need to be considered as well. When undergoing surgery you are accepting that there is some degree of risks involved, such as infection, bleeding, or implant rupture. There is also a chance that you may need further revision surgeries in the future or medical treatment if a problem does arise. A very small number of women find themselves unhappy with larger breasts and dislike the new attention their body receives. There is also the possibility that other both men and women will have negative reactions to your surgery. SABUNG AYAM