The Government Bring A New Policy For Homebuyers

As we can see from the news that a lot of government ministries are joining forces to crack down on Beijing occupants who try to buy aggregate flats by getting temporarily disassociated or taking part in a affect man and wife in order to characterize.

It is reported by the Beijing-based Legal Mirror that Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will work with public security, revenue, civil amours and social welfare departments to create a chemical mechanism to determine who is certified and who is not.

As we have known that couples are not allowed to buy a third home and some have filed for a divorce in order to do so. Single people are not allowed to buy a home if they do not have a Beijing household adjustment, or hukou.

It is said that the departments will share data about the attribute buyer and those who provide false entropy in order to buy a attribute will not be given a allow to do so. A record will also be made on the person’s credit file.

The paper is reported that officials in Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau said they intend to solicit another fact from braces seeking a divorce

As we can know from the news that the Beijing government declared a series of home buying restrictions last week. Those without a Beijing family adjustment, or hukou, will not be allowed to buy a home unless they have paid social indemnity or tax in the capital letter for five years. Those with a Beijing family adjustment are not allowed to buy a house if they already own two flats.

Some local residents said they could easily effort loopholes in the new plan, the Global Times reported Tuesday. Some said they would disassociate in order to buy a third flat, and “marry” a person with Beijing family adjustment.

Some also advised that those without a Beijing hukou could buy a fake tax affirmation for 1,519 U.S. dollars to prove they are certified.

It is said by Wang that officials can tell whether the social indemnity records are altered by agreeing them, but it is a dispute to tell a false marriage ceremony or a divorce from a real one. He also said that if workers consultation a couple’s neighbors to ascertain whether they are truly married or divorced, they could break some privacy rights in the process.

As we can see from the news that Qu Xiaoxue, a Beijing saleslady without a hukou, told the our reporters Tuesday that she may have to consider getting married to buy a home.

Qu Xiaoxue said that in most cases, we joked about it because we felt we are colored. Without a Beijing hukou, we pay the same amount in assesses as those who have one. Then why we cannot enjoy the same avails and rights? SABUNG AYAM

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